“It takes a whole village to create and launch a book”


Writing BOOKS is for those who have patience and a great love for words. One must prepare for the tedious and meticulous journey to get the first book published.

It was November 2016, a few weeks after the onslaught of Super Typhoon Lawin, when the National Book Board Development Board (NBDB) invited local writers from Region 2 (Cagayan Valley) for a session on book writing. for children.

Mia Baquiran joined the two-day CBDD session in Tuguegarao City under “Booklatan sa Bayan” with prolific children’s book author Michael Jude “MJ” Cagumbay Tumamac as resource speaker.

Tumamac, a famous and award-winning children’s book author who goes by the name “Xi Zuq”, is the publisher of Aklat Alamid. He wrote some of the famous Filipino children’s literature such as “Supremo Libroserye” and “Ngumiti si Andoy”.

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Author and illustrator creators background

Author and illustrator creators background

With the actual inspirations in writing the book, his father and his daughter.

With the actual inspirations in writing the book, his father and his daughter.

An independent publishing house, Aklat Alamid creates books for Filipino children written in different languages ​​of the country. It partners with individuals and organizations to hold workshops, contests, storytelling sessions and other activities that promote children’s literature in the country.

“I was among the fellows who were exclusively invited. At first, I was hesitant to attend the workshop because there was chaos everywhere. Typhoon Lawin has just devastated the city and the province. Nevertheless, I am there went and I realized that if I shouldn’t have gone, there won’t be ‘Papa Teyo’ today,” Baquiran said.

She recalled that in college, she took an elective in creative writing for children at the University of the Philippines-Diliman under Carla Pacis, a Philippine children’s literature institution.

During the session, Baquiran said Tumamac asked participants to create a children’s story to be presented the next day.

“Know that he liwanag ng kandila, nabuo ang kwento ni Papa Teyo and ni Lucy, the name of ‘Papa Teyo’. Hindi nako lumayo upang humanap pa ng inspirasyon. Naging inspirasyon ko ang aking sariling buhay at pamilya”, a-t she declared.

“Papa Teyo” is the story of the author’s daughter and her father and their adventures together. The book contains a series of colorful illustrations by Juno Abreu, an artist from Pangasinan, famous illustrator of children’s books and a member of the illustrious “Ang Ilustrador ng Kabataan”, also called Ink.

Baquiran wrote “Papa Teyo” in English. It was translated into Ibanag by Irma Maguigad and edited in Ibanag by George Bacud Andal of Tuguegarao City. It was published by Aklat Alamid.

The Ibanag language is spoken by up to 500,000 speakers, especially by the Ibanag people in the northeastern provinces of Isabela and Cagayan, especially in the city of Tuguegarao.

“Papa Teyo” was released to showcase culture-based stories for children, promote literacy, and support the Department of Education’s mother tongue-based multilingual education program (DepEd).

“It took us two years to finish the book and finally launch it. It was a very long and meticulous process,” Baquiran said.

“Writing a story for children was not so easy, there are important ingredients to consider in order to pass the norm. Children have a colorful world and in writing for them, we must remember the things that made us happy and sad when we were like them. Really, it felt so good to be a kid,” she added.

Baquiran said “Papa Teyo” went through many revisions from manuscript to final copy and the hardest part was writing and editing the Ibanag translation as it involved a lot of discussion as well as research. before the finalization of the book.

She also thanked the language experts Ibanag Maguigad and Bacud for the book being written on the basis of correct pronunciation and reading for children, and to Juno Abreu who did a great job in bringing the book to life. Papa Teyo and Lucy for the beautiful illustrations of the ubiquitous Tuguegarao. tricycle and kalesa.

“Once the final draft and illustrations were ready, the book had to undergo mock tests to check its readability, relevance and relevance to the target audience, namely our children,” she added.

Baquiran recalled the whole process that involved many exchanges of ideas, emails, messages, messaging conversations and calls, and finally, on September 18 and 19, 2019, they launched “Papa Teyo” in the city of Tuguegarao.

The launch coincided with the celebration of the International Year of Indigenous Languages ​​and was promoted by the Cagayan Museum and Historical Research Center at the initiative of Jenifer Junio-Baquiran.

“During the launch, we had a storytelling session with our guest children and teachers. We had a signing session and of course, lots of photos galore to commemorate the event. It was the first contemporary children’s book released in Ibanag,” she said. .

They also gave free books to school children who came, thanks to a generous donor from General Santos; and handed over copies to the Cagayan Provincial Government, the Cagayan Museum and the Provincial Learning and Resource Center (PLRC).

“The support from people, family and friends was indeed overwhelming,” Baquiran said.

“Based on experience, I can say that really, it takes a whole village to create and launch a book. ‘Papa Teyo’ was not mine alone. It was an effort of a supportive community , starting with my own family, my Aklat Alamid my family, my partners, my friends, my colleagues, my parents and my children,” she said.

“Papa Teyo” has been frequented and supported by many children, parents, teachers and children’s literature enthusiasts, even abroad. In cooperation with some organizations, copies of the book were also donated.

Baquiran is looking forward to writing his second book which will also focus on his local culture and hopefully publish another.

“But for now, I would like to promote ‘Papa Teyo’ more to local school children, especially those who don’t have access to children’s literature. I hope that together with Aklat Alamid and some organizations, we can find something something to further promote children’s literature in the region, especially in my hometown, Tuguegarao City and Cagayan,” she said.

Papa Teyo is available at “Pinoy Kids Read Pinoy Books”, Pumplie.com and also at Mount Cloud Bookstore in Baguio City. It can also be ordered through FB page Aklat Alamid and FB page Papa Teyo.

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