Jefferson Davis, eyewitness to Tuesday’s tornado


JEFFERSON DAVIS COUNTY, Miss. (WDAM) – The National Weather Service confirms that two tornadoes touched down in the Pine Belt on Tuesday.

An EF-1 flew through parts of northern Jefferson Davis County. Another, rated EF-2, was tracked from Jefferson Davis County to Covington County.

A family in Jefferson Davis County feels blessed to have weathered Tuesday’s storms uninjured.

Rufus White and his daughter, Tunja Otis, were at home in the community of Clem when the tornado hit.

The storm blew part of the roof off White’s house. He also destroyed the roof of his nearby store. Many trees were also knocked down.

White and Otis say they watched the weather reports and knew a twister was coming.

“[My father] was looking outside and he noticed debris flying everywhere, furniture flying, and he said, “We need to get into our safe space.” So we had our helmets on, and we walked into our safe space, and we took it out,” Otis said. “It only took about a minute.”

“I’m blessed, I’m blessed, because it was tough here, it was really tough,” White said.

A total of six homes and one business were damaged in Tuesday’s storm, according to Jocelyn Ragsdale, director of Jefferson Davis County Emergency Management.

Ragsdale urges residents to remain vigilant this storm season.

“Time changes faster than the blink of an eye,” Ragsdale said. “Keep on top of the weather and always have a plan of where you are safe, an action plan of what you are going to do and also have more than one method for receiving warnings.”

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