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An attack by an enemy intending to harm the nation is not the only concern for which the navy must train regularly.

The Navy will hold its annual hurricane preparedness and recovery exercise beginning today and continuing through April 30.

All Navy regions and installations on the East Coast and Gulf of Mexico will actively participate in the exercise named HURREX/CG 2022.

“HURREX/CG 2022 is an important part of maintaining and improving installation support and recovery efforts before, during and after a major weather event,” said Capt. Chris Bohner, Commandant of the Naval Submarine Kings Bay base. “This exercise provides a focused training event to all commands here using simulated hurricane scenarios, which require the fleet to respond and react as if a real hurricane were approaching.”

The exercise is designed to train and enhance service commands ashore and at sea for destructive weather preparedness and recovery plans before the onset of hurricane season.

The exercise also creates opportunities for fleet and installation teams to practice their external coordination processes, strengthening relationships with local and state authorities and partners so the Navy is ready to support during what has been planned. as an active hurricane season in 2022, Navy officials said. .

Occasionally, the exercise may create increased traffic around bases or delays in accessing bases, but steps have been taken to minimize disruption.

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