KuCoin Launches Windvane NFT Marketplace and Holds a Series of Wellness Activities for Users


Top 5 crypto trading the KuCoin platform, which has already launched its own Spotlight token sale module for early-stage projects, spot and futures trading platforms, and has just raised over $150 million in investments through a pre-Series B round on May 10, is ready to break into the NFT market. The Web 3.0 era is approaching and the world needs a new weather vane product to lead the Web3.0 era. Windvane genesis users are also the pioneers of the Web3.0 era. To celebrate the launch of the NFT Marketplace, 4,000 NFTs will be given away to early Windvane Marketplace users in three rounds. Therefore, Windvane has decided that all revenue from Genesis NFT sales will be returned to users, and users who participated in this round can share all revenue from subsequent sales.

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Pre-registration for the Genesis NFT sale is open until May 31

At press time, the Genesis NFT Collection is in its pre-registration phase. If you want to get the first round of NFT for free and share all sales revenue from subsequent sales, please sign up: Discord Channelhttps://discord.gg/vane. NFT enthusiasts must complete a short pre-registration form by 10:00 a.m. (UTC time zone) on May 31, 2022.

Also, on this Discord channel, the Windvane team will be sharing all the details of the upcoming event and potential additional bonuses for its attendees.

The launch of Windvane, the native market for non-fungible tokens, is a major milestone for the progress of the KuCoin ecosystem. It follows the massive announcement of $150 million pre-Series B. This cycle has pushed KuCoin’s valuation to new heights, making it the latest fintech decacorn. KuCoin Ventures, the venture capital arm of KuCoin, and KuCoin NFT Marketplace Windvane are launching a $100 million “Creator Fund” to support and incubate early-stage NFT projects. , etc. Additionally, the fund would invite 99 outstanding NFT creators to join the Windvane NFT Marketplace to accelerate their growth in Web 3.0.


KuCoin Launches Windvane NFT Marketplace: Why is it Special?

According to the official announcement, KuCoin, a leading multi-product cryptocurrency ecosystem, will unveil its own community marketplace for non-fungible tokens. The new project, called Weathercockwill include an NFT launchpad, an NFT minting module, token exchange markets, management instruments, and more.

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By launching Windvane, KuCoin reaffirms its commitment to building an inclusive, comprehensive and highly competitive platform for different NFT-focused blockchains. Windvane will leverage massive user traffic from various KuCoin services. The new marketplace is endorsed by prominent thought leaders and large communities. It should allow digital artists at the start of their career to make their first NFT sales.

In addition, Windvane is intended to serve as a cross-chain NFT aggregator: tokenized art enthusiasts will be able to choose the cheapest and most resource-efficient platform for their NFT operations. Thus, Windvane is poised to tackle the most dangerous bottlenecks in the modern NFT scene, i.e. high participation thresholds, huge fees, difficulty in finding promising products, etc.

The Windvane team is focusing on four key “killer features” that their product will have over the majority of their competitors:

  1. Windvane is a house of promising projects. Customers will be able to access high-quality collections from popular digital artists.
  2. Windvane is a low cost NFT marketplace. This allows authors and buyers to focus on token trading itself, and not on saving gas fees and marketing commissions.
  3. Windvane relies on a “priority whitelist” system: it makes the participation process inclusive and fair.
  4. Windvane is a secure and anonymous NFT marketplace. Windvane’s security and privacy ecosystem meets the highest industry standards.

Introducing Genesis NFT, the first-ever digital collectible deposited by KuCoin

In order to celebrate the launch of the Windvane Marketplace and introduce its instruments to a global Web3 audience, the KuCoin team is going to unveil its first collection of digital collectibles i.e. Genesis NFT.

The lazy rooster is the main image of this collection. According to the team, this character is a symbol of the Web3 spirit and of rupture:

The lazy rooster looks lazy, but in fact it represents the original practitioner of Web 3.0 and the reforming spirit of innovation.

Out of 4,500 NFTs minted, 500 will be distributed among team members while the remaining 4,000 NFTs will be offered to early Windvane market customers in three rounds.

Windwane itself is not intended to profit from the upcoming sale. Instead, all revenue will be split between Windwane’s first and second NFT holders.

The upcoming sale will consist of three towers namely Hurricane, Storm and Typhoon towers. During the Hurricane Round, 300 NFTs will be issued and offered free of charge to users: its participants will share the revenue from the Storm and Typhoon rounds and will receive a free “mystery box” as a bonus.

In the Storm Round, 1,500 NFTs will be issued: all participants in this round will share Typhoon Round rewards and receive free “mystery boxes”. Typhoon Round participants will be able to claim one of 2,200 NFTs and get free “mystery boxes”. They have the highest probability of pulling an “SSR Mystery Box”.

In KuCoin Genesis NFTs, there will be normal, SR, SSR “mystery boxes”. They will act as semi-fungible utility tokens of the KuCoin ecosystem. Token airdrops, service fee dividends, zero service fees for two years, voting rights, and various other benefits will be available to “mystery box” holders when using KuCoin instruments.

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In addition to these benefits, Windvane’s first customers will enjoy personal AMA channels and priority apps for the 100 million creator fund.

Final Thoughts

KuCoin, a veteran cryptocurrency ecosystem and “People’s Exchange” reaffirms its focus on the non-fungible token (NFT) segment. Following the release of a new roadmap and successful pre-series B funding, KuCoin launched the Windvane NFT Marketplace.

The upcoming platform will be a multi-product service with dedicated modules for storing, trading, exchanging and offering NFTs. His instruments will be available for both beginner artists and NFT professionals.

Windvane is poised to push the boundaries of NFT market trends in transparency, cost effectiveness, and functionality.

The WEB 3.0 era is coming, and the world needs a new weather vane product to lead the 3.0 era. Windvane Genesis users are also the pioneers of the WEB3.0 era. Therefore, they have decided that all revenue from Genesis NFT sales will be returned to users, and users who participated in this round can share all revenue from subsequent sales. Sales. 4,000 NFTs will be given away to early Windvane Marketplace users in three rounds, NFT holders can get ALL sales revenue.

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