League micropatch targets Zeri’s interaction with Hurricane Runann


League of Legends introduces a new champion to the game in patch 12.2 known as Zeri, the Spark of Zaun, a new ADC added to the growing cast of characters. In the short time she’s been available on live servers, players have been trying to find the best build for her and her unique playstyle, though one item built on her stood out due to a strong interaction.

Riot August, lead character designer for League, announced that a micropatch has just been released that nerfs Zeri’s interactions with Runaan’s Hurricane while using her ultimate. This is another micropatch added in patch 12.2, with the others fixing bugs with the Glacial Augment keystone and completely disabling the Drake, Rift, and Soul Chemtech.

This interaction with the Runann’s Hurricane sniper element occurred due to Zeri’s ultimate chains of sparks while active. These sparks acted as on-hit effects, so when paired with Hurricane after building other items with on-hit effects like Trinity Force, Zeri would deal massive damage to multiple enemies without even targeting them. To undo this interaction, which appears to have been intentional despite being noted as “looking very strong”, these sparks will no longer be counted as on-hit effects, so the hurricane will not spread to these.

According to League statistics site OP.GG, Zeri is sitting at a 52.07% win rate, evidenced by her current Trinity Force meta-build in Runaan’s Hurricane. Now that this interaction with Hurricane is nerfed, Zeri’s win rate is likely to drop as players search for other optimal builds for the champion who plays the ADC role in an unconventional way. Due to her mobility, Zeri was also played in the top and mid lanes quite a bit, although she wasn’t played in those roles as much as she was in the bot lane.

Zeri is currently available to play in League alongside her release skin, Withered Rose. Players can also participate in the ongoing Lunar Revel event, featuring a slew of Firecracker and Porcelain skins, as well as the return of ARURF until February 28.

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