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Fans of dual barrel magnetic vaping systems are ready for a long, steady ride on a terp roller coaster. Left Coast Extracts pods are available in double barrel form, and the strain-specific extracts are more than praiseworthy. Along with Left Coast Extracts 510 thread pens, cartridges and Dablicators, the dual barrel pod system provides consistent deep draws that sit flat and naturally.

Left Coast Extracts, based in San Diego County, makes solvent-free concentrates from California-grown flowers with quality that carries over into the final product. The company was founded by Alexandria Kometas and Coltin Barody, who come from the United States Navy and the Presidential Honor Guard.

At Left Coast Extracts, strains known for their effects are hand selected for the extraction process, and the focus is also on individual consumers and patients. Left Coast offers a variety of solvent-free consistencies including crumble, diamonds (with over 95% THC), badder, diamonds and sauce, and more. The company has scored several Cannabis Cup victories over the years at events from Denver, Colorado to Amsterdam with entries such as Jack Herer, a sativa.

The vape pod delivery system is perfect for AirBnb staycations or moms and dads who want the vape to hit but also want the smell to be minimal. The pods fit together with the drum stick like a Lego, and it’s held together with a magnet. It’s light and flat enough to forget it’s in your pocket. It is interchangeable with similar double-barrel pens; however, Left Coast owns the patent for the pod. The colored pod boxes provide lab results and a QR code on the back can be scanned to provide other results.

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Left Coast Extracts Premium Vape Pod Review

I started my journey with the Gelato Premium Vape Pod (Sunset Sherbet x Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies) hybrid, which came in a red box. It contained 878 mg of THC and 1.6 mg of CBD. A quick wave of peace and warmth massaged my body. She produced a moderately strong body high, the perfect mid-power stage for aficionados, but perhaps a little too much for beginners. All the goodness of Cookies, Sherbinskis and Mario Guzman is still there in oil form of this popular strain. This one in particular sparked creativity and made me want to create art or start a project.

Then I opened a yellow box containing another pod with a small image of an ice cream cone melting on a cake. Ice cream cake Premium vape pod (Cheesecake x Dream Cookie), an indica, contained 901 mg of THC and 1.7 mg of CBD. It is sweet, tart and has a hint of vanilla nuts. Fire up that cart before a Netflix binge because you’re going to be a little couch cemented. It won’t turn you into a deflated person, but you’ll probably lose track of time a bit after a few shots of the ice cream cake. When I finally came to my senses, it was a rude awakening into reality and I was left in a pleasant haze.

NYC Diesel Premium Vape Pod tasted refreshing and different with 939mg of THC and 7.7mg of CBD. I would recommend it to people looking for substantial levels of CBD that you probably don’t get from smoked cannabis. NYC diesel has been around for over 20 years as a killer sativa, a Mexican sativa crossed with an Afghan cut, and it still knocks me out of the park. It provides a full-bodied high with many effects on mood, energy, and general well-being. The sweet taste and aroma of chem-diesel, however, is the real reason most people turn to NYC Diesel. For some people, it’s a throwback to the past. I took this pen with me when I was jogging, which made the activity a little more enjoyable.

I opened another capsule which also provides a bit more CBD than what you typically find in shopping carts. Orangeade Premium Vape Pod, another hybrid (Tangie x Purple Punch) contained 940 mg of THC and 9.7 mg of CBD in an orange box. It had the most powerful effect on mood of any pod I sampled. I can see the potential here for anyone dealing with mental health issues on their own. Orangeade flower is loaded with humulene and limonene and delivers the expected citrus taste combined with the floral/hoppy notes. The balanced effect is useful at several times of the day.

Also check out pod vape flavors such as indicas like Zombie OG and Superman OG Vape Pod or sativas like Jack Herer and Blue Dream.


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