Letter: Tsunami warning

Through Travis Neff

Updated: 9 hours ago Posted: 9 hours ago

There was a massive change, somewhere far across the sea, bringing with it a towering rush. This wave will hit us, whether we live in coastal communities, inland or on the North Slope. Warning sirens sound, but not aloud, lost in the cacophony of our modern times.

The warning is being issued by a besieged medical community: We are heading into the darkest days of this entire pandemic, now, after already so much deep suffering. The berries empty as the water rushes to join the coming wave, an eerie calm descends as the seabed sparkles in the morning light.

Omicron will overwhelm us. Get boosted immediately. Try, once again, to connect with your friends and family suffering from the litany of deadly misinformation spread by Fox News, One America News and our mayor’s Facebook cohort. Our leaders will never be proactive in the face of this pandemic, throwing only life jackets after being battered by wave and wreckage. We cannot reach the heights in time.

– Travis Neff


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