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Jonsen good candidate
for the sheriff’s office

Bob Jonsen’s election will give Santa Clara County a new sheriff with innovative ideas and solutions with a wide range of law enforcement experience as a commander and chief. Not another insider. For over 50 years, every new sheriff has come from the department. It is time to end the status quo and the reign of the old guard of patronage and corruption.

For more than 50 years, people with diverse ideas, opinions, experiences and backgrounds have been sidelined. We have a sheriff’s office that is a constant source of bad leadership that produces countless lawsuits and big settlements, overspending and waste. It’s time for a change at the top and a new day for Santa Clara County.

Come November, let’s put a new sheriff in town – Bob Jonsen. Bob can clean up the mess and point the people in the sheriff’s office in a new, more efficient direction.

Denis Hawkins
San Jose

The mayor, not the 49ers, is
The Santa Clara Problem

Re. “Police Chief Seeks to Investigate City Council,” Page B1, October 12:

There’s something rotten in Santa Clara politics, and it’s not the 49ers.

Mayor Lisa Gillmor made sure everyone who opposes her was investigated just before the election. It’s one more political ploy by the mayor to control the city. She wasted millions of dollars of city money challenging the Voting Rights Act to retain her electoral bloc. She spent millions of public dollars on allegations against the 49ers and made the team the stake in every election. The mayor spent more in public funds on his political agenda than the 49ers spent in private funds.

I hope Santa Clara voters will see through this charade. The 49ers aren’t the biggest problem in Santa Clara. Growing homelessness, crime and budget are big issues. Let’s make the election on the real issues.

Don Smith
Santa Clara

Home can use Eshoo
COVID Management

It hasn’t been a year since California lifted the mask mandate. It is clear that we have made progress in the pandemic. As an undergraduate public health student at UC Berkeley, I worked on Pfizer’s vaccine trials for children 6 months to 12 years old at Stanford Medical Center, contributing to a breakthrough vaccine that was produced in a few months rather than 10-15 years.

This vaccine would not be possible without the bipartisan leadership of Representative Anna Eshoo. As chair of the House Subcommittee on Health, she authored the Pandemic and All-Hazards Preparedness Act, which created the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority to help innovators in the private sector to rapidly develop and deploy life-saving COVID-19 vaccines. Without this major piece of legislation, I wouldn’t have been able to see kids excited about getting vaccinated, because it meant seeing their friends again.

We must re-elect Eshoo for our communities and our children.

Pierre Pham
San Jose

Greed is a real engine
of the “tsunami of evictions”

Re. “Bay Area Sees ‘Tsunami of Evictions,'” Page A1, October 20:

This “tsunami of evictions” is truly depressing. We hear daily about the problem of homelessness around us. It’s getting worse day by day with no end in sight. Then, today, on the news, I learn that the vacancy rate in San Francisco has skyrocketed.

Front-page news is apologizing to homeowners who have seemingly fallen victim to eviction moratoriums, but are failing to address the greed that has gripped our real estate market. The people with all the money can buy out all those homeowners and charge whatever the market will bear, while leaving apartments empty because they can afford to write it off on their taxes. This is the real crime.

The market should not be responsible for deciding who has the right and who does not have the right to live in decent and affordable housing.

larry edson

Stakes higher than
election inflation

Yes, we have high inflation. And we’re probably heading into a normal business cycle recession. It’s a global problem and not something you can really blame on Democrats. After all, what difference can a change in the balance of parties in Washington actually make?

On the other hand, consider this: if you like what the current Supreme Court has done and what it plans to do, you’ll probably love what it will do if Republicans, under the leadership of Senator Mitch McConnell, push more ultra-conservative regressive legislation and installing even more like-minded Supreme Court justices at the earliest opportunity.

While it may be painful at the gas pump or the grocery store now, think of the pain we’re heading into when so many of our hard-earned freedoms and rights are lost with the stroke of a pen.

Barry Bronson

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