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Since 1955, there have been a total of 94 Atlantic storm names retired.
Remarkably, 13 of these retirees have come since 2016.

Storm names are created by the World Meteorological Organization. Each year’s list contains 21 names because Q, U, X, Y and Z are ignored.

Every six years the rosters repeat, meaning the 2022 roster is the same as it was in 2016 until we get to the letter M. Since Matthew retired after 2016, he’s been replaced by Martin.

Why are storms removed? There are three main reasons: massive amounts of death, massive amounts of destruction, or something weather-wise historic.

Over the past six hurricane seasons, some of the most infamous storms of all time have been removed, including Harvey, Irma, Maria, Dorian, Laura, Ida, Michael and Florence.

We can now say without a doubt that once a storm forms, climate change supercharges it, making it slower, wetter and stronger.

With stronger storms, more storms are likely to do epic things and get pulled out.

So as far as hurricane preparedness goes, the idea is to prepare for the worst storm ever and hope it never hits, because as we’ve seen over the last few years with storms in retirement, it only takes one.

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