Local Red Cross official travels to Kentucky to help with tornado recovery efforts


WILMINGTON, North Carolina (WECT) – The executive director of the Eastern North Carolina Red Cross will travel to Kentucky on Tuesday to help recover from deadly tornadoes.

James Jarvis is one of the many volunteers helping those devastated by the tornadoes earlier this month that destroyed everything for miles. He will be a point of contact for those in charge on the spot to help fight against food insecurity and provide water and other basic necessities to the victims.

Jarvis said he only played a small role in offering a helping hand. It is important work, however. Jarvis knows what it’s like to see a community in ruins.

“I know firsthand what it’s like to have a community affected by a major natural disaster, like Hurricanes Matthew and Florence. We have had thousands of people from all over the country who came to help us when needed, so I feel very honored to be able to go out and help others when they are facing this difficult tragedy, especially during the holidays. “said Jarvis.

Jarvis will be in the Dawson Springs area to assist the three counties.

“Their lives were literally turned upside down within minutes and so we know firsthand here in eastern North Carolina the power of the tornadoes, Brunswick County had an EF-3 tornado that struck in February, we So know firsthand how deadly these kind of storms can be. I will be honored to be able to go and help in any way I can, ”Jarvis said.

To find out how you can donate to Kentucky tornado relief efforts, click here.

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