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There’s a lot of drama in this chapter, and there’s hope for the leads despite the uncertainty.

This recap of the Netflix K-Drama series Forecasting Love and Weather season 1, episode 13, “Scenario 1, 2, 3”, contains spoilers.

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This series shows no signs of initiating complicated storylines on the characters. Ha-kyung’s worst fears arrive in Episode 13 as his personal life spills over into his workplace again! Let’s recap episode 13.

Forecast love and weather summary of season 1, episode 13

Episode 13 shows the reported typhoon brewing, and the Typhoon Center is on high alert, with an edge of panic. However, the Weather Station got the scenario nearly correct, so there’s good news. And then the opening revisits the moment Si-woo breaks up with Ha-kyung. He doesn’t want to be a burden. Yu-jin and Ki-jun’s troubles also continue as Yu-jin heads to his mother’s house to continue their break.

Um Dong-han is still experiencing the pains of the divorce process. His wife gives him two months to do what he wants, then he has to sign the divorce papers. Um Dong-han sees this as a chance. Can he save his marriage? Let’s hope so. Um Dong-han brings soup for his wife and daughter. They are surprised, but the daughter salutes her father’s effort. The woman looks calm while processing the moment.

Ki-jun finally gets the chance to talk to Yu-jin and make amends. He admits he is bothered by Ha-kyung and Si-woo. Yu-jin tells her that she can’t live with him, and it escalates into an argument. Her father bullies Ki-jun for making his daughter cry.

Another typhoon arrives and the weather station, with the center of typhoons, analyzes it. Ha-kyung makes everyone realize that they can’t go wrong with their analysis this time due to the damage it could cause. She wants to make some observations, so Si-woo goes with her on a boat to make some critical measurements. It’s a dangerous adventure, but they manage to get live data for the weather station. Ha-kyung wants to report on the first scenario and takes responsibility if the typhoon is likely to deviate. She wants to keep the public safe, so she takes leadership action.

After their work is done, Si-woo catches Ha-kyung on the boat and stares at her with romantic intent. He asks her for a decision, but she asks for more time. Ha-kyung asks Si-woo if he’ll agree to work with her after they break up. She accepts the breakup, stating that she will be fine. There is an air of sadness between them as they fly home. Meanwhile, Yu-jin returns home with Ki-jun.

The end

But the end of 13 brings irony…

As the episode almost ends, Um Dong-han loudly asks Si-woo if he is in a relationship with Ha-kyung in the cafeteria at work. Everyone hears, and there is a lot of commotion. He rushes back to Ha-kyung’s apartment and tells Ha-kyung what happened. The mother appears and she was also aware of their relationship. She shows a photo of the two kissing. The irony is that all is revealed now that they are separated. What will they do with it?

There’s a lot of drama in this chapter, and there’s hope for the leads despite the uncertainty.

Additional Notes

  • Um Dong-han reveals to his co-workers that he is going through a divorce.
  • Ha-kyung gives money to Si-woo’s father so he can return to Seoul.

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