Lowndes Co. Updates Lowndesboro Tornado Emergency Response Plan


LOWNDESBORO, Ala. (WSFA) – The town of Lowndesboro continues to heal for more than two months after a tornado tore through the area.

“They’re still recovering from some of the damage,” Lowndes County EMA Director Rodney Rudolph said.

Trees and power lines were among the hardest hit. The wind was so strong that it uprooted many trees. Today much of the debris has been cleared.

“Property damage to homeowners is mostly the issue,” Rudolph said.

More than 260 Lowndes Academy students had no classrooms at the time. The tin roof of the Pre-K building blew into the trees.

“The school was built in 1921, so we knew it had a good foundation and just to have roof damage and flooding, we were really thrilled,” said Michael Dansby, chairman of the board of trustees. Lowndes Academy in March.

Today, the metal roof is repaired.

“We could never have gotten these kids back to school if it wasn’t for community and awareness,” Rudolph said.

Although no fatalities or injuries were reported, the EMA director said the county was working on a new emergency response plan. It aims to improve several areas.

“Response time is one thing, having more resources available in the ninth hour when it all happened,” Rudolph added.

The head of the EMA also wants to obtain additional funding.

He explained that this new plan is still in its early stages, but it’s a way to be better prepared.

“In today’s world you have to prepare for the worst, hope and pray for the best,” he said.

The EMA director said Lowndes County is currently preparing for hurricane season, which runs from June through November.

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