MAGA Collapses After Kari Lake Loss, ‘Red Tsunami’ Fails, Vows Revenge Afterwards



It’s unclear how Lake will be able to claim the election was stolen, given that she and everyone else closely watched the ballots. On November 11, she had tweeted“Rest assured I have the brightest and finest lawyers in the nation, right here on the court in Arizona. Every ballot has eyes on it.

Her too retweeted a post by well-known white nationalist propagandist Jack Posobiec, who himself retweeted a story from a dubious source – the far-right Post Millennial site – claiming that “Maricopa election officials launched PAC in 2021 to stop MAGA candidates.” Lake remarked, “Shouldn’t election officials be impartial? The guys running the election have made it their mission to defeat America’s first Republicans. Unbelievable.”

Bannon was particularly outspoken and conspiratorial, not to mention intent on revenge. He opened his “War Room” podcast on Monday with a recitation of the House investigations planned by Republicans over the next two years, including a review of Hunter Biden’s laptop, which he said showed corruption. of President Biden by the Chinese Communist Party.

He warned Attorney General Merrick Garland: “We are coming to get you. And he claimed the House investigations “are going to go after, hard, the infiltration – and that means traitors. Yes, let me be blunt, traitors. People who have betrayed this nation into an existential threat to the American people and an existential threat to the Chinese people.”

Bannon also hosted prominent election deniers Greg Phillips and Catherine Engelbrecht – both fresh out of jail, where they had been charged with contempt for refusing to identify a supposed ‘FBI informant’ who plays a key role in a lawsuit against them – from True the Vote, the Holocaust denier group that forged an alliance with the far-right “Constitutional Sheriffs” movement to organize ballot box monitoring during elections.

Speaking to Bannon, they both agreed with the host that the Chinese communists were behind the “election theft”. Phillips said: “They’re not just a threat, they’re the threat – they are the threat to freedom, the threat to everything we all represent. Both he and Engelbrecht have conspiracy theories about the theft of the Arizona election: “The fraud has been institutionalized,” she claimed.

At the end, Phillips claimed, “You’ve got Katie Hobbs who, depending on where this thing goes, can certify her own stolen election.” Engelbrecht intervened: “We have to stop the certification. Bannon agreed, “Yes, we need to stop certification. Without a doubt.”

Later in the episode, former Trump strategic adviser Boris Epshteyn asserted that “we don’t have an electoral system in this country” and said “we won’t accept” the election result.

You better believe if the Democrats lost, you know, won and lost five days later, they wouldn’t accept it, and the Republicans and MAGA can’t accept it. What is happening in Arizona is a complete and utter travesty. Kari Lake won this election. Hear me loud and hear me clearly. Kari Lake won this election. I know Arizona like the back of my hand and there’s no way in god’s green earth that Katie Hobbs was elected governor of this beautiful Grand Canyon state.

Kari Lake won. Democrats in cahoots with the media, with establishment Republicans…you are the ones stealing this election from MAGA, stealing it from the American people.

Epshteyn added: “We have to fight, we cannot accept the rigging and theft of the American elections. We’ve been talking about it for two years. »

Another prominent leader of the election denier movement, MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell, broke down in an hour-long rant on his “Lindell Report” podcast on Monday that followed most of the same arguments: The election was stolen by “computer manipulation,” all at the behest of the Chinese Communists who secretly control our system with the complicity of the Democrats.

“How was all of this taken?” Lindell demanded to know. “Why was there no red wave? You can only have one answer: computer manipulation.

Claiming a Gateway Pundit story as evidence, he told his audience that “they’re trying to steal this from Kari Lake like they have all the other races,” claiming that Mehmet Oz and Doug Mastriano also won their elections in Pennsylvania.

“It’s called deviations from the norm, and they’re impossible,” Lindell said. “These are computers! He later added, “If machines and computers don’t disappear, we lose our country forever.” I don’t know how else to say it.

“And who are we losing it to? The Uni-Party! The Uni-Party, remember that. The CCP! China! The Deep State and the Globalists. … It was an attack from China. I don’t see how you can say it otherwise.

The ground was set for Lake to contest his electoral defeat. Likewise, Republican candidate Joe Kent, who narrowly lost his election to Congress in the 3rd District of Maria Gluesenkamp Perez, remained hopeful that he could make a comeback in his race. He refuses to give in.

Kent dismissed the multiple appeals in his run by mainstream media, calling them “irrelevant” and “another narrative designed to prevent voters from healing from the poll and to force me to concede.” He also posted a video saying he wouldn’t back down “until every legal vote is counted.” He calls on his supporters to check and take care of their ballots if any of them were rejected.

While this type of election denialism is deeply problematic – it is, after all, a direct attack on public confidence in the integrity of the democratic system in the United States – and its continued spread is worrisome to obvious reasons Tuesday’s election result was actually very encouraging for people fighting to defend democracy, even beyond the failures of Holocaust deniers to elect a single person to a key position of state on the battlefield despite a deep and formidable list.

It was also clear that election denial is a losing game. “If you tell people that voting is difficult, or voter fraud is rampant, or elections are rigged, that doesn’t make people more likely to participate,” said David Becker, executive director of the Center for Election Innovation. and Research. The New York Times. “Why would you want to play a game you thought was rigged? »

Likewise, Lake’s strategy of encouraging voters to keep their ballots until Election Day to prevent fraud backfired, as it meant she missed early voting. “We would never, ever have thought of telling people to save their ballots,” said Wes Gullett, a Republican strategist. “The only reason to do that is to build that ‘foul play’ narrative and keep it going, but every time you encourage people not to vote immediately, you lose the opportunity to get that vote in the bank. “

That’s why election denial cost Republicans dearly midterm. “Some Holocaust deniers have won” The washington post Aaron Blake reported, “but hardliners almost always ran behind fellow Republicans and lost where the electorate was most competitive.”

Unfortunately, logic and reason do little to dull the authoritarian fever that has gripped the Republican Party. The centrist hopes he shattered are almost certainly in vain. But the affirmation of the majority is a source of hope.

“It was a threat we had never faced before in this country. We had never been threatened by secretaries of state refusing to certify an outcome they did not like. We can now say with certainty that this movement was rejected by the American people in this election,” said Trey Grayson III, a former Republican election official from Kentucky. The Guardian.

“In every swing state, these Holocaust deniers have lost elections, as well as many other races across the country. It was a clear message that Americans believe in free and fair elections.

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