MDOT working on building Marion County ahead of hurricane season


MARION COUNTY, Mississippi (WDAM) — Roadwork and construction are things that cities and towns around the Pine Belt deal with quite often.

The Mississippi Department of Transportation (MDOT) currently has several projects underway in Marion County to replace two bridges on State Route 198.

The $8.9 million project is nearing completion.

Anna Ehrgott, public information officer for MDOT, said their mission is safety.

“MDOT performs routine maintenance very regularly, which is important not only for public safety and commerce, but also because it extends the life of the pavement,” Ehrgott said. “When we do these routine maintenance tasks, we can spot any issues early on. This way we can save taxpayers money later.

She also said strong infrastructure and preparation are important for a safe hurricane season.

“High hurricane season has arrived, and for the citizens of the Pinebelt, we ask them to prepare for a hurricane season as they would prepare for a severe weather event,” Ehrgott said.

She encouraged residents to keep a full tank of gas, flashlights, batteries and other safety items handy as the Pine Belt sees an influx of people from the coast during hurricane season. . Having the essentials already at hand allows people to be one step ahead.

Ehrgott also said Pine Belt residents should know how to stay informed about road closures and evacuation plans.

“One way to stay on top of these closures and make alternate plans is to download the MDOT traffic app which gives you real-time notifications to your phone,” she said.

The bridge project is expected to be completed within the next four weeks, and Ehrgott said traffic delays should be minimal.

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