Mexico is entering hurricane season this month – Here’s what to expect if you’re visiting


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Just when you thought Mexico was finally going to take a break from its well-documented battle to ward off Sargassum seaweed, the country is about to enter a new hurricane season, lasting from today until November. Hurricanes can be very disruptive phenomena, leading many tourists to wonder: what can they expect if they visit this fall?

Stormy in Cancun, Riviera Maya, Mexican Caribbean, Mexico

Lately, Mexico has been ramping up its efforts to attract more tourists amid a series of natural events, from the aforementioned smelly algae littering its pristine Caribbean coast, to imbalanced bacteria levels in the cenotes around Tulum. Interesting way, travel demand remained high and the country continued to break records regardless.

Of course, the prospect of intermittent rains, and even tropical cyclones, could be a drag on tourism and slow Mexico’s uphill race. But how often does this happen?

The risks of visiting Mexico right now

View of Stormy Beach, Bad Weather in the Caribbean

Each year, different regions of Mexico receive weather alerts, especially during the months of September, October and November, when rainfall tends to be higher and tropical storms occur regularly. Associated with these events, hurricanes are “most likely” to strike during the fall season, including coastal areas.

So what are the risks associated with visiting Cancun during this season? After all, almost half of all tourists arriving in Mexico are drawn to the Riviera Maya and its crystal-clear waters, and judging by these other recent estimates, we doubt the pearl of the Caribbean will experience a relatively quieter “low” season this year (as it does). was the case before -Covid years).

Ruins of Tulum pictured during a stormy day, Mexican Caribbean, Mexico

We are happy to inform you the risk of being caught in the middle of a natural disaster may not be zero, but it is extremely down. Yes, Cancun can and has been hit by hurricanes in the past, but that’s why you shouldn’t particularly worry about your hard-earned beach vacation turning into an apocalyptic movie:

When was Cancun last hit by a deadly hurricane?

The last major hurricane recorded in the region was Wilma in 2005, which hit the Caribbean coast on October 21 of the same year, affecting not only Cancún, but also parts of the United States and Cuba. It was a major hurricane, killing 52, although approximately 57.7% of victims were on the US side of the border.

Boats photographed on the Caribbean ocean before a tropical storm

In Mexico, a total of 8 lives were lost, proving that, although life threatening, casualties remained low. Additionally, no hurricanes of Wilma’s magnitude have been recorded near Cancun or other Riviera Maya hotspots since then. In other words, it makes nearly two decades since that disaster – before that, the last took place seventeen years earlier.

1988’s Gilbert was far deadlier, killing 202 in Mexico alone, although it was considered a once-in-a-lifetime event. In fact, there remains one of the most intense cyclones in Mexico’s recorded history, with later storms much milder, such as Wilma in 2005. The main lesson to be learned? In 34 years, Cancun has only been hit by hurricanes twice.

Cancun hotel zone photographed during sunrise, Mexico

These two disasters are exactly seventeen years apart, and 2022 is the 17th year since Wilma. Still, this shouldn’t be a particular concern because nature is very inconsistent, and specific time intervals do not apply. In reality, the chances of experiencing a hurricane in Cancun, even this year, remain incredibly small.

The risk of a major storm hitting tourist areas is low

As the Sun of Cancun says it, the risk of a hurricane making landfall is increased at this time of year, but ‘you’re more likely to just deal with a little more rain‘. That said, a hurricane dubbed Danielle is currently crossing the Atlantic, although it remains in the lowest possible category 1.

Tourists sunbathing on the beach in Cancun, Quintana Roo

At the time of writing this article, the National Meteorological Service (SMN) of Mexico has informed that Hurricane Danielle is located 4400 km northeast of Cabo Catoche, in Quintana Roo, and as it moves west, it does not present a danger to the tourist area of ​​Mexico. So far, no hurricane warning applies specifically to Cancún.

On the other hand, American sun-seekers may want to avoid the beach states of Baja California Sur, Jalisco and Nayarit in the coming weeks due to the risk of “torrential rain” resulting from tropical storms Javier and Kay. More information can be found on the official website of the SMN by clicking on here.

Police patrols on Cancun beach with K9 unit, Riviera Maya, Mexico

How to Prepare for Hurricane Season in Mexico

Again, the risk is low and there are no advisories against travel to Mexico specifically regarding storms. As previously stated, we don’t believe Cancun will have an off season this year based on booking trends alone, but fall typically sees fewer crowds, lower hotel rates and even best flight deals.

If you are still concerned about a potential hurricane hitting Cancun or any other Mexican destination, you can always follow the steps below:

Travel insurance policy
  • Check the weather forecast for specific cities before booking a trip
  • Keep an eye out for warning systems, as hurricane warnings precede the actual event by days or even weeks
  • Take out travel insurance covering delays and cancellations due to weather conditions and other climatic incidents
  • Reconsider travel if there is a hurricane warning in place
  • Follow local advice to protect you and take refuge in highly unlikely scenario a hurricane strikes

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