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On November 8, the Republican Party will face a settling of scores. It won’t happen by magical thinking, or hoping it exists. It will happen because the nearly 200 million of us who make up the majority of this country have done our part.

Yesterday, President Biden made his own:

With the stroke of a pen, Joseph R. Biden officially pardoned the thousands of Americans convicted of simple possession of marijuana since it became a crime in the 1970s. But he didn’t stop there…

He also encouraged all governors to follow his lead and do the same with those convicted by the state of simple possession of marijuana.

He asked the Attorney General and the Secretary of Health and Human Services to review how marijuana is legally categorized — the first step in changing its categorization from a Schedule 1 drug. Currently, as a drug of schedule 1, marijuana is legally considered heroin and more serious than fentanyl.

And most importantly — especially coming from the same man who championed a series of crime bills in the 80s and 90s that laid the groundwork for the mass incarceration of millions of black and brown Americans — he has highlighted the racist impact of drug laws as simple possession and use of marijuana.

“No one should be in jail just for using or possessing marijuana – it’s already legal in many states, and criminal records for possession of marijuana have led to unnecessary barriers to jobs, housing and jobs. educational opportunities, Biden said in a Twitter Video. “And that’s before you get into the racial disparities around who suffers the consequences. While white and black and brown people use marijuana at similar rates, black and brown people are arrested, prosecuted, and convicted at disproportionately higher rates. He added, “It’s time we righted those wrongs.”

It was the right and moral thing to do – and instantly changed the lives of over 6,500 Americans for the better. He also fulfilled a campaign promise, something rarely seen these days.

The key to victory in any election is voter turnout. Our secret weapon is that the vast majority of Americans lean left on most major issues – in this case, according to Research bench91% of Americans want marijuana legalized – so our only job is to get them to vote. It’s much, much harder if we have to convince them this pot should be legal. But we don’t! We just have to get them to a voting booth or drop box within a mile of where they live!

When talking to non-voters, it’s easy to list the reasons for voting versus the Republicans. But yesterday Biden showed Americans why they should vote for the Democrats.

Through his actions, non-voters saw the will of the majority respected and reflected by the President – ​​tangible proof that their votes matter. This will particularly resonate with younger voters. We have already seen it.

When marijuana was on the ballot in Michigan’s 2018 midterm elections, youth turnout (18-29) double — from 15.3% in 2014 to 32.7% in 2018.

This unexpected, smelly Biden counterwind is just what we need to pump up this blue tsunami!

[ You know what? Excuse me. I think I need to call the White House again, 202-456-1414 ]:

Mister President? Hey, it’s Mike again. I’m so glad you got my message last week – I was harsh, I know, but there’s too much at stake here. Thank you for the important step you took this week to right a terrible injustice inflicted on so many of my fellow Americans. We have a long way to go – many of those in prison who only owned this have also been falsely accused of selling. So you have to fix this problem, but this first step is essential. So thanks for that…

Oh, and since I have your ear — DON’T STOP! There’s still so much you can do between now and November 8 to improve the lives of Americans! What about paid family leave for federal workers? Universal preschool? Raise the minimum wage! We have, what, two million unfilled jobs right now in this country? ! We need immigrants! For jobs that pay a living wage! Fix that! So many other steps you can take to keep your promises!

Carry on Joe! I can’t wait to see the sequel! Free Leonard Peltier!

[ End call ]

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