Mike’s Midterm Tsunami Truth #20



(A daily series to counter reports that Republicans will win the House and Senate.)

What if, in the next 23 days, we all wake up one morning and realize that we are indeed most of this countryand that there are millions of others we that there is no their. Because once we truly know that we hold the real power, the charade of the owner class will be over. As the graphic above shows, we will simply step back from the plank of fate and let the politician or the predatory capitalist or the preacher fly off the very edge of the cliff where they have brought us.

There is so much, then many of us, and the day we decide to end our misery (and the misery of the planet), our suffering will begin to end within hours. Sometimes change takes forever. Sometimes this is done with the snap of a finger. On June 26, 2015, at 9 a.m., it was illegal in many states to marry the person you love if that person was your gender. An hour later, it was not. Boom!

On November 6, 2018, it was perfectly legal to gerrymander congressional districts and commit acts of voter suppression in Michigan. Just 24 hours later, a landslide of voters showed up at the polls to make an amendment to Michigan’s Constitution that made both of those atrocities a reality. criminality. Microphone drop!

So back off that board. take back the power we already hold in our hands! Convince 5 non-voters you know to vote this week. “Just this once!”

Volunteer with one of these organizations — Base Democrats HQ, Democratic Volunteer Center, Democratic National CommitteeWhere Vote forward – and become one of the millions of people making calls and sending postcards this month – from the comfort of your home – to get out the vote! Most candidate websites will also connect you with remote volunteer opportunities (I have links for the Senate ones below).

If you live anywhere from Minnesota to New York to South Carolina – from the Mississippi River to the Atlantic Ocean – you’re probably only a 2-4 hour drive from any of the four states. – Wisconsin, Ohio, Pennsylvania, North Carolina — where we can strip a US Senate seat from the Trumplican party that denies elections, hates women and destroys democracy.

Or if you live from Oregon to New Mexico, or from Florida to Tennessee, you live in a state that borders one of the states – Nevada, Arizona, Colorado, Georgia – where we must keep the seats that we currently have but could possibly lose. This must not happen.

Please consider heading there for a day or two on one of the 3 weekends we have left before November 8, and join the grassroots campaign taking place there to ensure that we secure 54 seats in our Senate (and there are House districts we must also hold – and you can help!). Make it a family trip! There are 74 million American adults who voted for Trump two years ago. There are 162 million (Biden voters, third-party voters, and adult non-voters) who didn’t. We hold the power, but we are powerless if we don’t use it.

You are only a 2-4 hour drive from keeping the Senate in our hands.

As a 23-year-old union organizer told me yesterday, “There are now 248 unionized Starbucks stores across the country! On this very day last year, there was zero.”

Change can happen very quickly.

White patriarchy doesn’t want you to know or believe it. They’re counting on you not to realize that you only have to move one foot off that plank that keeps them in power. Take this step my friends and all of a sudden it’s phew! – and they left.

70% of all eligible voters right now are either women, people of color, or youth (18-35) — or some combination of the three. Add the one-third of older white men who support women’s rights, civil rights, and believe that we are really killing this planet, and you suddenly realize that you already belong to a massive and overwhelming majority of people who want to save this country.

What are we waiting for?

Let’s make each of us Something today!!

These organizations will teach you how to make calls, send texts and write postcards to get the vote and support Democratic candidates from a distance:

Base Democrats HQ

Democratic Volunteer Center

Democratic National Committee

Vote forward

Most candidate websites also offer remote telephone banking volunteer opportunities.

Cheri Beasley (D-North Carolina)

Mark Kelly (D-Arizona)

Mandela Barnes (D-Wisconsin)

John Fetterman (D-Pennsylvania)

Raphael Warnock (D-Georgia)

Tim Ryan (D-Ohio)

Catherine Cortez Masto (D-Nevada)

Michael Benet (D-Colorado)

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