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There comes a time when, unfortunately, a person breaks. Break with reality. Break from what they know to be certain truths. Even breaks on their own.

Has this ever happened to someone you know and maybe love? Or maybe it happened to you? I’m not talking about a day when you get up from the cubicle you worked in for 20 years and just walk out the door, never to go back to a job you hate because now you’ve decided you’re going help save bees or go back to school to study butterflies, or maybe take your meager savings and buy a small farm or dedicate your life to being a subway driver (my personal fantasy). These would all be significant breaks from how you spent the first half of your adult life, and if you suddenly did any of these things, your loved ones and close friends might think you’ve lost your mind. head.

But that would not be the case. In fact, you may have saved your mind (and your life) by finally doing what you’ve always wanted to do. And soon, some of your loved ones will see the truth of it. You are now happier, more engaged, an exuberance few have ever seen.

So sometimes a break is good. Maybe you’ve decided to go from being a Presbyterian to a Unitarian – or having no religion at all. Yesterday you were a Red Sox fan, today you are cheering on the Yankees. Blue has always been my favorite color, but now it seems like I paint everything yellow. I haven’t gone crazy, and if you see me driving the A train to the Rockaways one afternoon, don’t judge me or worry that I’ll never make another movie. I may be filming “My Year Conducting the A Train,” a documentary about our need for better public transit.

But what happens when your brother-in-law tells you one day that the climate crisis is a hoax. Or that Bill Gates convinced the government to put a tracking device in every vaccine injection. Or that the earth is flat, dentistry is quackery, and public schools are the healers of an eventual nation that will soon be 100% gay.

What do you do when their break with reality is so severe? A break they claim to have real evidence that everything they tell you is “true”.

I have just been tested negative, finally, at the Covid! I am no longer contagious! And I feel at least 80% better (still a bit exhausted). I have never had to spend a night in the hospital. I am not dead. Why is that? Because, as I told you in my podcast this week, I believe in science and medicine and the people I trust who have dedicated their lives to keeping us alive. And that belief, I’m sure, helped me once again. That’s because I was fully vaccinated and always masked around others, because I socially distanced and washed my hands half a dozen times a day, I didn’t catch Covid in its earlier strains and more deadly. I followed science and doctor’s orders and knowing all along that me and 90% of us would eventually catch Covid I held it off until its fifth variant was too weak for me kill. The vaccines I knew were never meant to prevent me from catching Covid – they were there to help support an immune system that should eventually fight off this virus and cure me within days or weeks.

And that’s what he did. Over 100 million Americans have lived to tell the story I just told.

And unfortunately, a million + did not succeed. Many had existing conditions that may have doomed them. But thousands and thousands died because they didn’t trust science, government, or pharmaceutical companies. I don’t trust most parts of government and any of the profit-hungry pharmaceutical companies.

But I don’t think the baby should be thrown out with the smelly bathwater. There are so many good things the government does for us and can do for us. And we need medicine! Over the past 100 years, our life expectancy has almost doubled – thanks to medicine (until the Trump years when we went from 78.8 to 76.1). Future historians will never understand why, when Covid-19 emerged, the then President called it a hoax and fought the scientists who wanted to save our lives. His reckless and ruthless attempts to lie to his own supporters – who were then unvaccinated and did not wear masks – caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands of them. What leader throughout history would kill his own followers? Madness! Doesn’t he realize that when we win November 8 by 100,000 votes, maybe it’s because he basically killed them? Is not it this ironic?

But Trump is not alone. There are other examples in history of deaths caused by people who rejected science:

  • The Boeing 757 of American Airlines Flight 965 that the pilots flew into a mountain in Buga, Colombia, because they didn’t believe their plane’s computer that was screaming at them that they were flying… in a mountain!;

  • The Adriatic Energy Corporation ignored the warnings of many based on science geologists and engineers in 1963 against the too rapid filling of the Vajont dam in Italy. And then – BOOM! Result: 2,000 dead Italians.

  • The Donner Party trying to cross the Sierra Nevada during a blizzard because they didn’t believe in the science of weather;

  • The Mayflower, whose navigator did not know the science of reading the stars in the sky (the science of astronomy), so in November they ended up in Massachusetts instead of Virginia where almost half of them did not survive the winter;

  • The great director Billy Wilder (“Some Like It Hot”, “The Apartment”) who, the day after Hitler’s inauguration, immediately boarded a train and departed forever to Paris, and then to America. Luckily for him, he believed in political science.

Science – and my belief in it – saved me from Covid. It’s finish. I’m alive!

Thank you all for the good karma you sent to me, not to mention some of your great chicken soup recipes you passed on to me!

It’s so good to be alive! I just made a list of the reasons why it is good to be alive:

  • I got to see the gripping season finale last night of The Handmaid’s Tale. I was so moved by his, yes, humanity. Can’t wait for season 6!

  • I can attend my first play in three years: Samuel L. Jackson in “The Piano Lesson” by August Wilson. Directed by his wife, LaTanya Richardson Jackson. It looks great!

  • Last month, an old friend from 40 years ago suddenly reappeared! Wow!

  • During the pandemic, while isolated at home, I started four new projects – which one will I finish first?! That’s exciting.

  • I have always wanted to visit Montevideo. And to go to the only state I haven’t been to: Wyoming.

  • I will finally climb the 6 highest “peaks” of New England. It sounds more impressive than it is, but why not?

  • And I can’t leave until I help get the Women’s Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) into our Constitution. Also, no way out for me until everyone in this country has access to free universal health care, just like my Canadian cousins! Plus, I want to ride the first of hundreds of high-speed trains yet to be built in this country. I want to be there the day our prisons are nearly empty and the 147 senators and congressmen who betrayed us on January 6 are convicted and sent to an internment camp in Flint to help replace all the poisoned water pipes. and home plumbing and to help build affordable housing there to honor the city that gave birth to the labor movement and America’s middle class.

  • Finally, I want to see us offer remorse and give restitution to the current descendants of those black and Native Americans who suffered for centuries – and who still occupy the lowest rungs of our economic ladder today. I want to see it end and I believe I will.

Now more than ever, I am convinced that those who believe in science – those voters who have not broken with reality – are the ones who will prevail.

Do not be afraid. Enlightenment kills all fear.

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