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Here are some headlines and statements we see yesterday and today:

“Republicans in ruins with a house as a consolation prize”

“Is it a win when you have a house with a broken and battered party inside?”

“Republicans cringe with House thanks to DeSantis drawing Gerrymandered map”

“The GOP wins the house with an extremely thin margin that can cut either way”

“Republicans take back control of the US House”

Wow. How rare is it that the so-called winners (barely, of the House of Representatives) are actually seen as a bunch of losers? ! (Think Houston Astros, 2017 — won the World Series but forever known as a group of cheaters. Ouch.)

This is where the Republicans are today.

Hailed just a few weeks ago as the new conquerors on their way to victory –





They couldn’t beat a Single Democrat sitting in the United States Senate! In fact, the Democrats took one of their own, something that rarely happens in a first midterm.

Americans at the polls last week resoundingly rejected Trump-backed candidates and chose to vote for democracy and abortion rights over the cost of a gallon of gas.

Here is what I want to say to each of you today:

Republicans now hold the House by the narrowest of margins. They have what I call a anemic majority. Weak. Incontinent. Powerless.

Because they are hateful, misogynistic, bigoted and destroyers of democracy, they won’t last and their home won’t last.

They only got here today by the skin of their teeth through Supreme Court-approved gerrymandering and voter suppression. They have been beaten and beaten so badly in this election that they have had to crawl on bloody hands and knees to barely cross the finish line. They are in shock at what happened. They have already started to fight. An exclusively Republican civil war broke out between the Trump wing and the DeSantis wing. I already have my front row seat and I’m ready to pop the corn.

Let me give you four quick reasons why we may not hear the words “Republican-controlled House” for very long:

1. Republicans who barely won in a blue district can read the writing on the wall – if they want to stay in Congress, to win, they’re going to have to switch parties. If only one or two do, it could make all the difference to the Democrats regaining power.

2. If the Democrats pass a bill in the Senate (which they control), they may only need 2 or 3 Republicans in the House to break ranks and get it passed. Only 3 out of 220 Republicans? Let’s go! It’s time to try the old-fashioned horse trade. What happened to the art of haggling? There must be a good persuasive on our side! Tea with Barbara Lee? Coffee with AOC? Who would refuse that?

3. It happens. As I mentioned on Wednesday, there are usually a dozen of the 435 elected MPs in the House who, for one reason or another, never manage to fulfill their 2-year term. Since the 2020 election alone, there are 16 members of Congress who have failed so far. A few died. A few quit. Sometimes a few will be charged. Or some will be caught up in a scandal. One or two will say they forgot their phone chargers in their car and then leave the building and take it out of DC And when that happens, because that will be happen, we have to be ready for when they hold the special election to fill their seat. In every congressional district, we need to have replacement candidates on standby, ready to spring into action. Let’s not wait for that to happen. Let’s think about this in advance. Because it may be enough to win only two or three of these special elections to regain control of the House. So ask yourself now, today, who is that beloved person over there in your city, this pillar of your community that is ready to receive the Bat Signal in our grave moment of need – and fight to win. Understand it now. Do not wait. And don’t say “it can’t happen” because your neighborhood has always been “red”. Remember that in August, Alaskans just elected a woman of color, a Democrat, to replace the late Republican Don Young, who held the seat for nearly 50 years!

4. Last Saturday night, the Democrats officially won the Nevada Senate seat. On Wednesday afternoon, Chuck Schumer voted 12 Republicans to advance a new bill to codify same-sex marriage. And Clarence Thomas went to bed Wednesday night crying into his pillow. The Democrats accomplished in 4 days what they should have done with Roe at some point in the past 50 years. We only have 45 days left of our federal Democratic trio where we control both houses of Congress and the presidency. It’s time, during this lame duck session when we still hold all the reins of power, for the Dems to buckle up, show courage right now, and make Roe the law of the land. Democrats in Congress and the Senate – tell your families you may not be going home for Thanksgiving. You have work to do. You have to work during the holidays. Reschedule your family Christmas for February. Yes, for the good of our country, it’s so important. Well, it is, that is, if you’re a woman of childbearing age, or a DACA immigrant child, or a single mom working for $7.25 an hour at a greasy spoon . Why should they wait another two years in misery?

Every moment between now and the installation of the 118th Congress on January 3, you must pass this legislation: DACA. Universal Pre-K. Paid family leave. An increase in the minimum wage. Put an end to gerrymandering. Did you forget the abortion??!! Either some of them or all of them. Show courage. Show fight. Your shares today will inspire massive participation in 2024 because you will have shown the majority of Americans who support you on each of these issues that you have the courage to do so when it matters most.

You have it has to happen!

And in the meantime, in the White House, Biden, as a Catholic seeking redemption, can begin to fix something he did when he was back in the Senate. He and the Democratic Congress can repeal the Clinton Crime Bill of 1994 — the “tough on crime” law that created the mass incarceration of black and brown Americans in the 1990s and 2000s. Both Clintons have since spoken out against their own actions in passing their crime bill, but Biden — which was instrumental in getting it passed by Congress — did not. At a time when Republicans lost running on a platform of white supremacy, crime, and “fear of the other,” repealing a law legalizing a new Jim Crow would be the just, moral, and popular things to do.

By winning the House, the Republicans may have won the battle, but they lost the war. They know that. It shows in their reactions in recent days. Their party implodes. It’s time for the few sane, moderate Republicans to jump ship and become Democrats or declare themselves independents and caucus with the Democrats.

Or, just walk out the door saying you’re going out for a pack of cigarettes…and never come back.

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