Monroeville-based Corvette Club sends relief to Kentucky tornado victims


It was a small gesture that turned into a bigger generosity for a man at the mansion who was just looking to help.

Mike Weber felt compelled to do something after seeing the news about the deadly tornado that stormed Kentucky in December. The tornado killed more than 70 people and damaged homes and buildings.

“It was Christmas time, so I wanted to do something good for people,” he said.

Weber used word of mouth to spread the word of his efforts to fellow members of the Monroeville-based Corvette Club of Western Pennsylvania.. He considered taking a truck to Kentucky, but decided to change his plans after realizing the trip would take nine hours.

With the help of a friend’s employer and others, they were able to fill a 48-foot tractor-trailer with items including clothing, pet supplies, new toys and food. food from community members and businesses in Penn Township.

Weber was able to raise $3,340 to donate to the Kentucky Tornado Relief Fund. The largest donation was $1,800 from the Corvette Club, he said.

The initiative lasted two weeks between collecting cash donations and supplies for the trailer. Weber called the Kentucky governor’s office to see where everything could be given.

“It turned into something bigger than I thought, which was good,” Weber said.

John Walko, another member of the Western Pennsylvania Corvette Club, said he was impressed with the amount Weber raised through his fundraising appeal. He said from an evening meeting of the club, more than $1,500 was raised between 30 people.

The club are used to working with various causes and charities over the years, he said. “You know we come from an area, the Pittsburgh area, where people help people.”

Weber said the donated check returned will be used in the state’s general fund for further relief efforts. He hopes to be able to do similar work next year.

“I was either thinking of Children’s Hospital or St. Jude’s to help recover and help someone. It was just a good feeling for the holidays.

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