More than 400 killed in Hurricane Rai ATHENS 9.84


The death toll from Rai, the worst hurricane to hit the Philippines this year, has risen to more than 400, the archipelago’s Disaster Relief Service said today, as authorities in affected provinces continued to call for urgent food and water supplies. to provide temporary accommodation for the homeless, two weeks after the area was affected.

The previous official toll released by Civil Protection estimated the death toll at 388 (25,099,329) due to Rai, the 15th and deadliest hurricane to hit Southeast Asia in 2021. The death toll is ‘Now stands at 405. Another 82 people are still officially missing, while 1,147 have been injured.

Over 530,000 homes were damaged, a third of which were completely destroyed. Damage to infrastructure and the primary sector is estimated at 23.4 billion pesos (nearly 406 million euros), according to the authorities.

The hurricane affected a total of nearly 4.5 million people, 500,000 of whom were temporarily accommodated in shelters when ordered to flee their homes.

It struck Earth as a Category 5 hurricane on December 16 and wreaked havoc in the provinces of Bohol, Cebu and Surigao del Norte.

Thousands of people in the central Philippines remain without electricity or running water, and authorities are struggling to provide them.

Rai brought “super hurricane” Haiyan, which hit the archipelago in 2013, to collective memory.

Called Yolanda by the Philippine authorities, Haiyan was the deadliest cyclone to hit the country: 7,300 people were killed or missing.

The Philippines, one of the countries most considered to be exposed to climate change, is hit each year by twenty tropical storms and / or hurricanes, destroying crops, homes and infrastructure in already impoverished areas.


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