Mother swept away by New Market tornado returns home, daughter asks for help rebuilding herself


NEW MARKET, Ala. (WAFF) – A New Market family is reunited after a mother returns from hospital after being kicked out of her home in a tornado on January 1.

Cynthia Slayton was flown with her home when a tornado swept through the New Market area. Her daughter, Kylie Quimby, says her mother was sitting at the house when the weather turned down. Suddenly she heard a “tick, tick, tick” sound, the sound of the tin roof coming out of their trailer.

Quimby says his mother was thrown into the air and landed on her left side. Slayton had to muster the strength to crawl under a nearby trailer to shield himself from the continuing rain. She said she tried to cry for help but it was too dark to see her and it was raining too much to hear.

A man stopping to help his neighbor finally heard her screams and helped get medical attention.

She spent just over a week in the hospital and returned home on January 9. At one point, she started to lose her memory, but this was able to resolve itself according to Quimby. Right now, her main concern is healing the left side of her body. She says she usually can’t use it for a while. His arm in particular will take about six to eight weeks to heal.

Slayton’s family are grateful that she survived the tornado. But, they are still in a difficult position. Their house is completely destroyed. Most of their belongings are soaked and broken beyond repair. Quimby says it comes after a long year of losing his brother and several other hardships.

Quimby is Slayton’s keeper. She also takes care of her two young children. At the moment, they are all staying with Quimby’s grandmother until she can find a home for her family. She says her mother suffers from severe post-traumatic stress disorder and cannot return to live in a mobile home. “She’s terrified of a mobile home that she doesn’t want to live in anymore, so I’m going to do what I can to make sure she gets into a real house so she can get into a, not a mobile home that can blow so easily “

Quimby says she has received tremendous help from her community. She says she is still struggling to rebuild herself while working three jobs. She has a GoFundMe right now and says even a small donation can help her and her family get back on their feet.

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