Mum’s horror as home is ‘completely overrun’ by 30,000 bee tornado


Kayley Harding has spoken of living in terror as her flat in Buckinghamshire was ‘completely taken over’ by a 30,000 bee tornado – with the council getting very little help

An influx of bees has turned a flat council into a nest of insects, with ‘30,000 bees’ on the property

A horrified mother has opened up about the traumatic experience she had with her daughter after their home was infested with thousands of stinging bees.

Kayley Harding, 30, has explained how three colonies invaded her home, with their council flat “completely taken over” by the winged insects, reports Buckinghamshire Live.

Hundreds and thousands of ferocious bees have been spotted converging on the family bathroom floor.

And, a dark mass of thousands more were seen climbing around outside Kayley’s window, looking for a way in.

The mum says she has received very little help from her authorities in West Bletchley, Buckinghamshire, despite her claims that there are around “30,000 bees” in and around the council flat.

The bees completely invaded the family bathroom and clung to the windows of the property

The single mum says she lives in fear and can’t open her windows for fear of letting bees into her flat

Kayley, who lives on the property with her nine-year-old daughter, Lacey, who has special educational needs, says bees have been a growing problem every summer for the past three years.

The worried mum said: “We have over 30,000 bees. They all seem to congregate downstairs at night, but in the morning they scatter and they’re all over the building.

“When they’re swarming, it honestly looks like a tornado. It’s awful. They’re swarming around the back of the building sometimes, so we can’t really use the yard.”

The mother was also worried that her daughter or her neighbors might have an allergic reaction to the bees.

She continued, “You can stand on them anytime because they’re all in the stairwell. If my daughter gets bitten, how do I know she won’t have an allergic reaction?”

The terrifying ‘bee tornado’ has yet to be dealt with by the local council

A neighbor has already gone to a nearby hotel and locked himself in to avoid the tornado of bees.

Kayley said: “My neighbor with an EpiPen is being moved to a hotel for tonight. But what’s one night gonna do? Those bees have taken over. The board just isn’t listening. I don’t don’t think they take it seriously at all.”

A spokesperson for Milton Keynes Council said: “We are carrying out a clean-up operation to eliminate bees and have provided hotel accommodation for one resident.

“The council is exploring long-term solutions with our contractor.”

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