New Maps and Evacuation Plan Help Local Tsunami Preparedness Efforts


PUBLISHED: March 18, 2022

(Astoria, OR) – This year’s Tsunami Preparedness Week finds Clatsop County with two new resources designed to help local residents and communities prepare.

“Tsunami Preparedness Week runs from March 21-25 and gives people an opportunity to learn what resources can help them prepare for a tsunami that hits Clasop County,” said Tiffany Brown, emergency manager. of Clatsop County. “Local, state and federal stakeholders have worked for years to develop resilience plans, train local officials in emergency response practices, and educate residents on how to prepare for and survive such a disaster. .”

The County Board of Commissioners recognized Tsunami Preparedness Week earlier this month with a proclamation urging residents to “work together to create a safer society” by taking steps to reduce the potential impacts of these natural disasters. .

Two new resources are available to support these efforts:


The Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries (DOGAMI) recently released the latest of several “Beat the Wave” tsunami evacuation maps covering communities in Clatsop County.

The new guides build on existing state maps by illustrating the best routes to higher, safer terrain and indicating the recommended speed (for example: walking, jogging or sprinting) a person should maintain to escape to a tsunami. The maps also show which bridges are likely to fail and be unusable.

Visit the DOGAMI website for more information


Another new resource is the Tsunami Evacuation Facilities Improvement Plan (TEFIP). TEFIP identifies existing and potential new evacuation routes for communities and areas within predicted flood zones.

The plan also suggests sites for vertical evacuation facilities in areas of the county where evacuation on foot would be most difficult.

TEFIP is funded by a grant from the Oregon Department of Transportation and developed by the county’s Department of Community Development.

The plan was presented to the Council of Commissioners for review on March 15 and will be reviewed by the County Planning Commission and the Recreation Lands Planning Advisory Committee before final approval, currently scheduled for May.

More information on TEFIP is available on the department’s website.


On March 24, Clatsop County Emergency Management will host an interactive workshop with more than two dozen senior local officials designed to help them understand the issues they will face during a disaster, identify planning gaps and strengthen the relationships that will be strained in the event of a disaster.


  • Have a starter kit and supplies ready so you can bug out at any time.
  • Know where you need to go from where you are now: work, home, school, or play.
  • For an earthquake and a tsunami near the shore: The jolt is your warning. Do not wait for a siren or an alert – get to the high ground quickly. Coastal tsunamis can reach land in as little as 15 minutes.
  • For distant tsunamis: Because distant tsunamis can take several hours to arrive, you will be alerted by the media and Clatsop alerts. Sign up for Clatsop alerts here.

More information on tsunami preparedness is on the Clatsop County website.

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