Newmarket Brewery hosts tornado-ravaged Uxbridge Second Wedge to share space



By Glenn Hendry

Published on September 23, 2022 at 09:23

Collaboration is at the heart of the craft beer vibe. The new breweries that open up on the “territory” are quite often perceived as future collaborators, and not as competitors.

But a new, albeit temporary, partnership between The Second Wedge Brewing in Uxbridge and Market Brewing in Newmarket could be dubbed the ‘ultimate collaboration as Market has invited their neighbors 30 miles east to move in, tanks and all, and share space .

“We have received our final blessings from ARC and AGCO – so it’s official! We’re “roommates” with the good people at Market Brewing Company until our rebuild is complete, said Joanne Richter, co-owner of The Second Wedge, enthused. “It’s a revolutionary solution to our extreme and unusual situation, and probably the first (and last) time you’ll see two breweries producing together in the same space.”

When The Second Wedge was devastated by the F2 tornado which swept through Uxbridge in late May, the brewery was left without a home as much of the outer structure was destroyed, including the roof, which was torn off along with staff and the guests still inside.

Richter was out of town but her husband Rob Garrard was there and was actually upstairs with the family dog ​​when the tornado hit.

“Rob and our dog then came downstairs, completely soaked – it was raining heavily inside the brewery, which no longer had a roof. I’m told that’s when everyone downstairs realized what he had just experienced.

Once the wind died down, the brewery team moved everyone outside for safety reasons.

“The scene was completely surreal: the roof of the brewery was cleanly ripped off, cars were crushed, wires had fallen, the brewery, tasting room and beer garden were ransacked and full of debris, trees had fallen everywhere and our roof had blown across the road and flattened a grocery store building.

This is also where Uxbridge’s community spirit kicked in.

“I think everyone was in shock that day, but a large crowd of people from the community came out to see what they could do to help. With so many houses affected, it was pretty incredible,” she said. “The support from our community here in Uxbridge, as well as the Ontario brewing community, has been absolutely overwhelming.”

Market Brewing Co. was one of the first breweries to reach out on the day of the tornado, offering to help in any way possible. When The Second Wedge tanks needed to be moved out of the building, Rob Carefoote of Carefoot Beverage Solutions came up with the idea to install one at Market Brewing” Piers (Simpkin) and Josh (Uttley) at Market pushed the idea. a little further: why not install FOUR fermenters, plus a brite tank? »

“So here we are. We will be producing beer from Market Brewing until our brewery is rebuilt.

The new partnership has tightened the market a bit – “We can’t wait to get back to our usual size lots,” Simpkin told the Brewer’s Journal with a smile, as Richter chimed in in the same vein. “I hope we’re not the roommates you can’t wait to leave the house.”

Richter said she expects her brewery to be rebuilt by the end of February at the earliest, although it will likely be ready by the time spring – signifying new hope – springs up in Uxbridge.

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