NJ Weather: Hurricane-force winds of 82 mph reported in Sussex County during severe winter storm



If you thought Saturday’s winds were bad in your neighborhood, you wouldn’t have wanted to stand near High Point Monument in Sussex County.

This is where a gust of wind as powerful as 82 mph was reported in the afternoon, as a strong winter storm roared through New Jersey, according to data from the Rutgers NJ Weather Networkwhich has an automated anemometer at the monument.

At other times Saturday afternoon, the gauge also detected peak wind gusts of 65 mph and 75 mph, which isn’t too surprising considering the monument is the highest elevation in the state and is often hit by high winds.

What’s surprising is getting a gust that hits 82 mph – which is the highest on record at the monument since detailed records began in 2008, said New Jersey State climatologist David Robinson , whose office at Rutgers University oversees the state’s weather records.

Saturday’s gust at High Point State Park was even higher than any gust reported at that site during Storm Sandy in October 2012, Robinson noted. During Sandy, the highest gust at High Point Monument was 73 mph.

“Busts from the 50s to the mid-60s are not uncommon” at the monument, Robinson said. Before Saturday, two other notable gusts at this site were 69 mph on February 12, 2009 and 68 mph on January 3, 2010.

For some perspective: the 82 mph gust was as strong as the sustained winds generated by a Category 1 hurricane. Category 1 storms have winds blowing between 74 mph and 95 mph.

Other strong gusts of wind

Other powerful gusts reported in New Jersey on Saturday included:

  • 110 km/h in Cape May, Cape May County
  • 64mph at Atlantic City International Airport, Atlantic County
  • 61 mph in Tuckerton, Ocean County
  • 57 mph in Trixies, Ocean County
  • 54 mph in Fortescue, Cumberland County
  • 53 mph in Perth Amboy, County of Middlesex
  • 53 mph at Pleasantville Point, Atlantic County
  • 53 mph at Wantage, County of Sussex
  • 52 mph at Harvey Cedars, Ocean County

These wind readings were reported by the National Weather ServiceMount Holly regional office.

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