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Even as OTT subscription TV services continue to grow, the rise of ad-supported TV platforms is producing an increasing number of digital TV ads.

For some in the industry, it is a blessing but also a curse.

In this video interview with Editorial Advisor Jon Watts for Beet.TV, Vice President and General Manager of Comcast Technology Solutions, Richard Nunn, discusses why current systems must connect to handle future expansion.

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“What we’re seeing in numbers is, over the next three to five years, an approximately 7-fold increase in ad volume, obviously due to a lot of the emerging channels we’re seeing now, OTT and CTV and addressability, “says Nunn.

“If you add the personalization to that, those numbers get really, really important. The current manual processes you refer to really struggle to handle this scale.

“This challenge of scale, which is a challenge that the industry must face and become much more standardized.”

Change him

Comcast’s footprint includes NBC and Sky, a cable division and advertising technology including FreeWheel.

The division offers a multitude of solutions to provide infrastructure to the world of digital television.

Comcast Technology Solutions recently released a report, What’s Next for TV Advertising ?, detailing four changes that will occur over the next five years:

  1. Addressable becomes a reality
  2. Workflows automate
  3. Standards are helped to evolve
  4. Data will differentiate measurement capabilities

Thirst for scale

“Today, linear and digital technology are very siled,” continues Nunn. “You can start to bridge this gap for sure.

“But the opportunities are really about the automation that will drive the solutions to manage that volume of advertisers, as well as the scale of advertisers, and bring a lot of these point-based solutions together into an aggregated platform that you can use. provides full transparency around where and what an asset has done, where it landed.

“It really helps to solve this scale challenge, which the industry has to face and become much more standardized.”

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