One dead, 25 injured as coastal tornado hits eastern China


What’s new: A tornado in Lianyungang, a coastal city in east China’s Jiangsu province, killed one person and injured 25, affecting several thousand people, according to the Xinhua news agency. State broadcaster CCTV reported that one of the 25 was seriously injured.

The tornado damaged nearly 650 households and affected 617 acres of crops when it passed through 11 villages around noon Wednesday at gale force 15 to 17, causing direct economic losses of about 65 million yuan (9, $6 million), the city’s emergency management office said in a statement.

Local authorities sent emergency response teams to treat the injured, repair the damage and restore power to the area.

What else: The nearby towns of Suqian and Yancheng, south of Lianyungang, also reported being hit by Wednesday’s tornado, which shattered windows and knocked down trees and flying building materials.

Jiangsu experiences an average of up to five tornadoes a year, making it the most tornado-prone place in China, according to weather data between 1991 and 2020.

July is the month with the most tornadoes, accounting for about 30% of the roughly 38 tornadoes China sees in a year.

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