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Hello and welcome to the extreme weather blog! We haven’t seen any wild weather locally this week. Most of this week here in Houston has been hot, humid and sweltering, but we’re going to have a big hit this weekend. Personally, I’m very excited to finally make soups, stews and, of course, chili!

Last week on the Wild Weather Blog we talked about a Tropical Storm Nalgae, Floods in Australia and Hurricane Lisa in Belize. This week, our wild weather around the world comes entirely from the United States. We had the most extreme weather this week, ranging from severe storms on the plains to a rare hurricane that made landfall in November.

A large cold front swept through Houston last Friday evening, but as it crossed the plains it brought a major outbreak of severe weather. At least 28 tornadoes were reported in Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas. Two were rated EF-4 and two EF-3. One of the EF-4 tornadoes crossed the Oklahoma border into Texas, making it a two-state tornado, and also Oklahoma’s strongest tornado in over 2,000 days.

Debris strewn on the ground after a severe storm in Texas

Here is a video of a tornado near Sulfur Springs, Texas. This tornado was rated EF-2 with maximum wind speeds of up to 120 mph. This outbreak of severe weather also triggered several severe thunderstorms, and in total the event sadly claimed at least three lives and injured more than two dozen others.

Tornado lands near Sulfur Springs, Texas

This week has been a week of preparation for Florida residents as they prepare for hurricane-force winds, heavy rains and dangerous storm surges. Hurricane Nicole officially made landfall at 2 a.m. EST Thursday on the east coast of Florida, just south of Vero Beach. At the time, maximum sustained winds were 75 mph, classifying it as a Category 1 storm. It was a very large system, with tropical storm-force winds extending over 450 miles from the eye. It was an especially sad situation because our friends in Florida were still freshly recovering from Hurricane Ian, which hit the state about 40 days ago. It means even more devastation for a region that badly needs a break.

Strong winds as Hurricane Nicole makes landfall in Florida

However, the hurricane season lasts until the end of November. Nicole’s landing on November 10 marks the penultimate landing in the United States.

In the spirit of always ending on a positive note, I thought I’d end with this great time-lapse showing Tuesday morning’s total lunar eclipse! Watch the moon disappear into darkness as it passes behind the earth moving into our shadow. Once the moon is completely in the earth’s shadow, called an umbra, it glows a bright red color, hence its name “blood moon”. It’s a really cool event because it requires perfect timing with the phases of the moon and the alignment of the sun, earth, and moon (in that very particular order). If you missed the moon on Tuesday morning, your next chance is in 2025!

Timelapse captures the ‘Blood Moon’ eclipse over Virginia

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