Poll Shows ‘Louisiana’s Hurricane’ Cocktail Ranked 9th America’s Favorite Drink


PORTLAND OREGAN, La (BRPROUD) – When it comes to alcohol, Louisiana’s Hurricane cocktail is ranked 9th as the best drink to toast with for New Years celebrations, according to survey by RecoveryFirst.org – a treat advanced for recovery from alcohol and drug addiction. center.

Louisiana Hurricane Drink is Pelican State’s signature drink made with rum, passion fruit and lemon juice. It is traditionally served in a glass shaped like a hurricane lamp, to which it owes its name, according to the survey.

The poll used 3,373 participants to compile the ranking system of the drinks they preferred to toast to bring in the New Year.

Every state has a signature drink, Tennessee’s iconic Jack & Coke is the number one drink Americans will have in early 2022. The second drink is New Hampshire hard cider and the third is blue water margarita. frozen from Iowa. For the full list Click here.

“Of course, since they are sweeter, cocktails are generally more pleasant on the palate than drinking simple glasses of spirits,” said a spokesperson for RecoveryFirst.org. “However, this is where the danger lies: other ingredients like juice or soda can mask the strong alcohol taste in cocktails, making them more potent because it is much easier to drink. drink more. Before you know it, after a few cocktails you might find yourself more unstable than you think. This is, among many other reasons, why it is advisable to keep an eye on the number of drinks that you drink.

“It is not just excessive alcohol consumption that can lead to health risks, occasional consumption, even within recommended limits, can be of concern. Drinking cocktails, especially those that contain more than one spirit, can lead to serious side effects such as loss of critical judgment, dull perception (especially vision), fainting, high blood pressure, and vomiting RecoveryFirst spokesperson added.

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