Prepare for tsunami evacuation drill, says Phuket disaster chief


PHUKET: Local government agencies and residents have been urged to prepare for the tsunami evacuation drills to be held across the island on Wednesday July 20, with the 19 tsunami warning towers sounding the warning in five languages .

DDPM-Phuket Chief Udomporn Kan. Photo: Radio Thailand Phuket

The sirens will sound two different warnings, said Udomporn Kan, head of the Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation (DDPM-Phuket) Phuket Provincial Office, during a radio broadcast today (July 18) .

The first warning will be an alert notifying people of an incoming tsunami. The second warning will direct people to the nearest safe evacuation area.

According to a report by Radio Thailand Phuket, Mr Udomporn did not confirm what time the towers will sound the warnings.

However, it was repeated in the report that the warnings will be in five languages: Thai, English, Japanese, Chinese and Russian.

Officials from the three districts had been instructed to ensure that all safe evacuation points were ready for the drill. “There are over 200 locations,” he said.

The exercise will simulate a 7.8 magnitude earthquake under the sea, triggering a tsunami, he said.

“The provincial incident command center will notify the district incident command center, and the district center will notify the emergency operations center of local government organizations. [municipalities] in the area to conduct evacuation drills,” Mr. Udomporn said.

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