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Flight radars show the plane turning back towards RAF Coningsby shortly after taking off from Lincoln base at around 3.30pm. He issued an emergency code 7700, which usually means a technical problem with the plane.

A spokesperson for RAF Coningsby told Express.co.uk the issue was reported as “vapors in the cockpit” and the plane landed safely on return.

Squawks are emergency messages that pilots can dial into transponders, which alert people on the ground to problems with the aircraft.

They are said to be quite frequent and the spokesperson downplayed the nature of the emergency.

They said such occurrences were “not completely unusual”.

The fighter jet remained in the air for a total of 13 minutes, according to flight records, but began to spin after just three minutes.

By the time it turned back, the jet had reached a height of over 15,000 feet.

Typhoon FGR4 fighters are based at RAF Coningsby and another air base.

According to Ministry of Defense records from 2018, the RAF currently operates 130 examples of this Typhoon fighter model.

The jets are capable of holding medium range missiles and a 27mm gun turret.

The RAF says the jets are “very capable and extremely agile” and are “capable of being deployed for the full range of air operations including air policing, peace support and high intensity conflict”.

The latest emergency landing in the UK follows others, which come as Western air forces have increased their activity due to the invasion of Ukraine.

Last week, two US fighter jets had to make an emergency landing in Norfolk after taking off from RAF Lakenheath, the largest US Air Force base in England.

The F-15 planes took off from RAF Lakenheath in Suffolk on Monday before landing safely, according to the air base.

A “hydraulic problem” had caused the emergency landings.

RAF Typhoons have been patrolling the skies over NATO allies Poland and Romania since February 26, “demonstrating the UK’s unwavering commitment to the NATO alliance”, it said. said the RAF.

The Ministry of Defense confirmed that Typhoon fighters had been involved in an “air policing mission” on the military alliance’s eastern front.

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