RAF Typhoons and Voyagers take part in Pitch Black 22 for the first time


British Royal Air Force (RAF) Typhoons and a Voyager tanker aircraft are participant in the multinational exercise Pitch Black 2022 for the first time.

The latest iteration of the Australian-led exercise runs from August 19 to September 8 in Australia’s Northern Territory.

Around 100 aircraft and 2,500 personnel from 17 countries are taking part in the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) exercise.

During the first week of participation, RAF Typhoon aircraft carried out fighter integration training with the forces of other nations to improve interoperability, before beginning more complex and collaborative training in the weeks following.

Meanwhile, the deployed Voyager in-flight refueling aircraft will refuel fast jets from various participating nations.

“The UK’s participation in such an important exercise in the Indo-Pacific underlines the importance placed on the region.

“The complexity of this exercise also gave No. 11 Group planning staff, as well as RAF personnel from the various embassies and high commissions, the opportunity to demonstrate the RAF’s ability to project and deliver power fighting in the Indo-Pacific.”

The participation of RAF fighter jets and tanker aircraft is intended to demonstrate the UK’s air power and its capabilities to deploy over long distances.

The exercise will enable the RAF to improve interoperability and relationships with other allied and partner nations to effectively conduct air operations.

It will also strengthen defense engagement in the region to support shared security and stability.

Following the completion of this exercise, the RAF contingent will return to the UK via India, where they will stop for a brief period.

The RAF aircraft will carry out scheduled bilateral training with the Indian Air Force.

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