Rafael and Hensoldt will pursue German typhoon ambitions EW



Rafael and sensor solution provider Hensoldt have signed a partnership agreement to offer EW capabilities to the German Air Force.

Under the agreement, signed on October 18, the partners agreed to integrate and upgrade Rafael’s Sky Shield airborne EW pod as an escort jammer with Kalaetron Attack Electronic Attack (EA) capability. of Hensoldt.

The IOC is scheduled for 2028.

The companies say their capability could support the German Air Force’s decision to adapt the Eurofighter into an EA platform.

“EA’s new pod uses the existing interfaces of the Litening Pod, already combat-proven on the Typhoon, greatly simplifying integration efforts and saving invaluable resources,” Rafael noted in a press release.

In March, however, German Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht announced that a new variant of the Eurofighter Electronic Combat Role (ECR) had been selected for the Luftwaffe, abandoning a proposal by the last government to buy Boeing E/A-18G Growler Electronic Attack Aircraft (EA).

This has not since been confirmed, but Eurofighter manufacturer Airbus said the aircraft would be available from 2026 to offer operators “a variety of modular configurations for electronic attack”.

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