Rep. Biggs to Newsmax: Ad buys in Biden-held districts could cause ‘tsunami’



The Congressional Leadership Fund’s strategy of pumping millions of dollars into new ad buys in districts that President Joe Biden won in 2020 could help cause a “tsunami” rather than just a “normal red wave” of from Democratic voters unhappy with the way the country is heading, Rep. Andy Biggs told Newsmax on Saturday.

“Even though there’s a disconnect with the Democrat-based thinking that things are going well, there’s this group of independents in the middle and the soft Democrats saying no, that’s a huge problem,” he said. said the Arizona Republican on Newsmax’s “Saturday Agenda.”

In addition, Biggs said, polls show many races nationally have tightened up and become competitive when they normally wouldn’t.

“You have to go in and try to pick up those seats and rip them off and then lightning strikes,” he said. “Then you have a massive new wave, instead of a normal red wave. It becomes a tsunami.”

On Wednesday, the Congressional Leadership Fund, which is linked to House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-California, announced it would inject $11 million in new ad buys into 16 congressional districts, seven of which Biden won. double digits in the 2020 election, reports Fox News.

“The CLF continues to raise record amounts of money, which has allowed us to drive our advantage deeper into the map and forced Democrats to make some tough decisions,” CLF Chairman Dan Conston said in a statement. communicated. “Republicans are in a great position to win a majority and we will continue to make the investments we need down the stretch.”

The election as a whole will be a “referendum on Biden’s policies” and how lawmakers implemented them, Biggs said.

Additionally, the strategy Democrats are using to warn that a Republican-controlled Congress would order cuts to Social Security and Medicare “may have a small impact” on voters, Biggs said, but he doesn’t. not expect it to gain popularity.

“If you take Social Security, or Medicare, or on a fixed income, inflation and gas prices are so ever-present in front of you, because it restricts your lifestyle and the way you would live normally and how you live,” Biggs said, “They’re trying to sell it, but I don’t think it’s gaining traction, even in places like my district where we have a lot of significant seniors. I think it might have a slight push, but it’s not doing the job for Democrats that they were hoping for.”

Meanwhile, Biggs said he would encourage the candidates to stay focused on the issues to win on Nov. 8.

“They need to stay on message and focus on the economy, on oil and gas prices, high crime rates, security and border security. And also, they need to talk about border security. And also, quite frankly, they need to talk about woke transgenderism in schools that 75% of Americans think needs nothing to do [there].”


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