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Q: How often do they check for tornado sirens in County Wexford? Can this be done every month?

A: Rover has received this question before, and is more than happy to refresh readers’ memories.

County Wexford emergency management co-ordinator Travis Baker told Rover earlier this year that those sirens no longer worked. When the county switched to using 800 MHz radios for its first responders a few years ago, Baker said it would have cost a lot of money to make those sirens compatible with the new radio system. Instead, Baker said the county moved to the CodeRED system, which can alert everyone in the county and not just people who can hear the siren.

CodeRED is a cloud-based software-as-a-service solution. It enables public safety officials to deliver location-based and time-critical information via phone, email, SMS, integrated public alert and warning system, and more.

It allows the county to connect to the National Weather Service and when there are weather alerts in the county, it will automatically forward them to anyone who has signed up for the service. It also allows Baker to determine where an alert can be directed and which residents should receive it.

To sign up, text “Wexford” to 99411 to sign up for CodeRED. You can also sign up by visiting

Q: Has Rover ever found out who puts the cute “God Bless America” ​​signs along the roads in the area?

A: Rover has been asked this question many times. Every time he is asked this question, Rover searches for an answer, but he has found nothing. He contacted veterans organizations and they too are curious. So, again, Rover is hoping the person responsible for the signs is a Cadillac News reader or someone who knows that person.

If you know who is responsible for posting these signs, please contact Rover by calling (231) 775-6564 or emailing [email protected] Rover will also need a way to contact the person, so make sure you have a way for him to do that. Once he gets an answer, he’ll be sure to share it.

Don’t let the scorching days of summer go by without asking Rover a question to find the answer. You can ask Rover by emailing your question to [email protected] or by calling 231-775-NEWS (6397).

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