Russia launches longest submarine ever to carry nuclear torpedo drones that ‘trigger radioactive tsunamis’


THE RUSSIAN NAVY today took delivery of its giant ‘city killer’ submarine designed to liberate a radioactive tsunami with “apocalypse” drones.

The Belgorod – which at 604 feet is the longest submarine ever built in the world – is believed to be ready to enter service after successful trials.


Russia says 604ft Belgorod – world’s largest submarine – ready to enter service
Senior Navy brass took delivery of the submarine in a ceremony today


Senior Navy brass took delivery of the submarine in a ceremony todayCredit: Russia Military Defense


The 14,700 ton war machine has been made even longer so that it can carry the devastating new nuclear-tipped Poseidon torpedoes guided by artificial intelligence.

It also has secret Bond-style compartments to launch mini-submarines and drones for covert sabotage and espionage operations, such as cutting undersea cables.

But Sevmash shipbuilders and senior navy brass only highlighted its “research” capabilities at a handover ceremony today.

Despite previous boasts of its fearsome weaponry, state news agency Tass today reported that the submarine was “designed to solve various scientific problems”.

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Nikolai Evmenov, Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Navy, said: “The Belgorod submarine opens up new opportunities for Russia in carrying out various studies, allows conducting various scientific expeditions and rescue operations in the most remote areas of the world’s oceans.”

The ceremony comes after the Belgorod was spotted in satellite images sailing in the White Sea alongside Dmitriy Donskoi, 40, the world’s second largest submarine.

The Belgorod quietly set sail for the first time last year amid threats of sinking British and American warships in the Black Sea.

Then, in January, Russian sources said sea trials were nearly complete and there were months to go before she was commissioned.

“The transfer of the Belgorod nuclear submarine to the fleet is scheduled for the summer of 2022,” Tass reported at the time.

“It is assumed that this event can be timed to coincide with Russian Navy Day, which will be celebrated on July 31.”

Today’s transfer came three weeks ahead of schedule, at a time when Putin’s military forces are under heavy pressure to deliver good news.

“Apocalyptic Torpedoes”

The Belgorod has been hailed as a “game changer” for Putin’s navy, which suffered a series of humiliations during the war in Ukraine.

It would have been in development since before the collapse of the Soviet Union.

The revolutionary design – based on the Oscar II-class cruise missile submarines – has been significantly modified to specialize in covert missions.

Shipbuilders had to stretch the hull 100ft above its already gigantic length so that it could accommodate Poseidon’s huge “doomsday drones”.

This makes Belgorod – twice the size of the Royal Navy’s Astute-class attack submarines – the longest submarine ever built in the world.

And it’s 30 feet longer than the Soviet Union’s Typhoon-class ballistic missile submarines, overall the largest ever at 48,000 tons and 574 feet.

It would serve in the Pacific Fleet – directly threatening US naval bases on the west coast and major cities like Los Angeles.

The Kremlin says it will carry up to eight Poseidons, each 79 feet long, ready to unleash Armageddon.

The AI-powered autonomous torpedoes are reportedly nuclear-powered and can outrun underwater defenses at reported speeds of between 70 and 125 knots.

A two-megaton warhead is designed to trigger a tsunami, generating a 300-foot wall of radioactive water to devastate coastal towns.

Russian propaganda videos also show how the long-range Poseidon could be used to wipe out entire groups of US carriers.

The Belgorod is also designed for spooky special missions with hidden compartments that open to launch smaller ships, then swallow them inside.

Four-ton Harpsichord 2P-2M “pocket submarines” with an estimated range of 27 miles can be deployed for covert operations sabotage.

And the Losharik deep-sea spy submarines suspended under the mothership’s belly can be deployed to hide on the ocean floor.

Threat of sabotage

One attack that could cripple the West would involve plugging or cutting underwater telephone cables with the mini-sub’s robotic arms.

They carry 97% of internet traffic with $10 trillion in financial transactions depending on them every day.

Air Marshal Sir Stuart Peach has warned such a breach could be “catastrophic”.

It could shut down the internet, cut Britain off from the rest of the world, cripple financial transactions and damage communications with the military overseas.

There are fears that Russia is also stealing secrets by exploiting the cables, which the United States relies on to communicate with NATO allies.

Defense expert Rob Clark of the Henry Jackson Society told The Sun Online that “the threat is very real” from secret Russian submarines.

He said: “Their aim is to retain the credible ability to disrupt or destroy the wires on which the UK’s economy and all of its communications rely.

“Even slightly damaged, it can cause untold chaos and disruption in the UK.”

The Kremlin considers the giant submarine a real “game changer”.

It will be operated by the Russian Navy, but its missions will be controlled by a shadowy branch of the military that answers directly to Putin.

GUGI – the secret Main Directorate for Deep Sea Research – is on a mission to deliver a catastrophic blow to the West.

Dr Sidharth Kaushal of the Royal United Services Institute has previously said underwater war machines were key to the Kremlin’s plans.

He said: “The Belgorod is large enough to serve as a mother ship for a unique set of smaller vessels with deep diving capabilities and the ability to modify underwater infrastructure.

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“It is well equipped for sabotage and clandestine operations.

“Her Poseidon nuclear torpedoes could also be a very effective means of attacking an aircraft carrier in wartime – one against which there is currently no defense.”

Satellite photos show the Belgorod under construction at the Sevmash shipyard


Satellite photos show the Belgorod under construction at the Sevmash shipyardCredit: Russian Ministry of Defense
The 14,700 ton war machine is designed to carry nuclear-tipped torpedoes


The 14,700-ton war machine is designed to carry nuclear-tipped ‘doomsday drone’ torpedoesCredit: Getty – Contributor
79ft Poseidon Underwater Nuclear Drones Are Designed To Trigger A Radioactive Tsunami


79ft Poseidon Underwater Nuclear Drones Are Designed To Trigger A Radioactive TsunamiCredit: Russian Ministry of Defense
Hidden compartments house a range of deep-sea sabotage submarines and spy drones


Hidden compartments house a range of deep-sea sabotage submarines and spy dronesCredit: Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

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