Son-Shine Awareness Center Lays New Foundation After March Tornado


MADISONVILLE, Texas (KBTX) – An outreach center in Madisonville was in the direct path of a tornado that hit the area in March, destroying their building and much of the contents inside. A few months later, the Son-Shine Outreach Center is laying the groundwork for a brand new location.

Lisa Wamsley, coordinator of the Son-Shine Outreach Center, says it’s been a long road to putting the pieces back together.

“It was really tough. While the building shell and everything was still there, it was really hard to get past, it hurt. You know, we’ve been there a long time and we’ve done so much work and, and everything, it was really tough,” Wamsley said.

The Son-Shine Center collects furniture, clothing, appliances and more for those in need. This service has been vital for over 6,000 people in the region, especially during COVID-19, inflation and natural disasters.

The center was moved to a temporary location following the damage, but laid the foundations for a new building on Thursday. Now they finally see their future: a new building, a new location and about three years of work crammed into just a few months.

“It’s all in God’s hands, and it’s evolved in ways we never would have known,” Wamsley said.

The project should be finished by Thanksgiving. Wamsley says they’re ready to make an even bigger impact for those in need.

“The whole process is going to be bigger and better, not just for us as staff having more space to work in, not just for, you know, food customers, not just for somebody who has need help for all of us and for the community,” she said.

The Son-Shine Outreach Center is currently operating from its temporary location, 1300 N May. The new location will be just down the street at 1680 Highway 75 in Madisonville.

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