Spotlight on GoPro for a Cause: Fighting the Tsunami of Trash with The Ocean Cleanup


Why did you choose GoPro?

For this specific project in Guatemala, we needed to find a way to capture on video an extremely sudden (and unpredictable) flash flood that generates a tsunami of trash. Although this place is particularly difficult to access, we needed to record high quality images to show the urgency of this phenomenon to the world and how we are trying to deal with it. We relied on GoPros for this project for three reasons: ease of use, high image quality, and reliability in all weather conditions.

We’ve used GoPros for a wide variety of applications over the years, from getting creative shots that weren’t possible so we could more compellingly view and share our work, to using GoPros as a scientific tool for collecting data. GoPro cameras are now part of our toolbox to understand the problem of plastic pollution and visualize how we are solving it.

What’s next for The Ocean Cleanup?

To rid the oceans of plastic, we need to clean up what already exists and stop new plastic from entering the ocean – we need to turn off the tap. Working with government leaders, individuals and private companies, our goal is to tackle the world’s 1,000 most polluting rivers.

More trash tsunamis will rush through the Rio Motagua throughout the rainy season. We are working with local authorities in the region to improve waste management and will continue to improve our Interceptor Trashfence system to stop the flow of plastic to the Caribbean Sea.

How can the GoPro community help The Ocean Cleanup solve this problem?

Supporters are invited to learn more about our Interceptor Trashfence project in Guatemala by reading this update. You can also track our global impact in real time. And you can donate to The Ocean Cleanup here.

You can learn more about GoPro for a Cause’s involvement here.


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