St. Mary’s Churches Throw Thanksgiving Dinner Weeks After Tornado


CAP GIRARDEAU, Missouri (KFVS) – St. Mary is still recovering from a tornado that swept through the city in October. Local churches ensure that the community always receives the thanksgiving it deserves.

“I was like yes! I can show them how much I appreciate them, ”said Russell Harper, St. Mary’s resident.

Harper described the movement he heard that the Trinity Baptist Church community Thanksgiving dinner would continue, a month after a tornado swept through the city.

“This church had knocked on every door and helped people in this tornado situation,” Harper said.

Ed Carter is the pastor of Trinity Baptist. He said that each holiday his church partners with St. Mary’s Immaculate Conception Church to deliver a Thanksgiving meal.

“I think people are starting to recover, there is a return to normalcy. There are still people who are not at home because they are completely devastated, but there are people who are starting to regroup, to rebuild, ”said Carter.

He explained that the two churches were a helping hand in taking over the city.

He wants it to be that way during the holiday season.

“It just shows the unity, the Baptist Church and the Catholic Church do so much together in the community and it just shows that we are always going to celebrate,” Carter said.

Brian Helms is a member of the Immaculate Conception Church and a native of St. Mary. He shared that this year’s dinner makes more sense than before.

“It really is Thanksgiving,” Helms said. “Not only our traditional Thanksgiving, but a bigger Thanksgiving than usual.”

“It’s an amazing community because community doesn’t necessarily build, it’s the people and they’re still there,” Helms said.

Despite damage from the storm a few weeks ago, Harper said the city has come a long way.

“He recovered, really fast, really really,” Harper said.

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