SunLive – Tsunami ambassadors on board for Tauranga


You could be at home, working, or just enjoying a stroll along Mount Main Beach when the possibility of a tsunami hitting our shores could become a reality.

One thing to help you prepare, no matter where you are around Tauranga this summer, is to make sure you have “a plan” and remember “if it’s long or strong, go”.

To educate and inform our community on the implementation of a plan against the tsunami, the municipal council of Tauranga invited six student ambassadors to come to the community this summer.

Returning home after studying across the country, they strive to put community first and are eager to get out and help their hometown.

A tsunami is one of Tauranga’s greatest natural disaster risks.

Ambassadors will be with the community, having a positive impact by helping others feel better informed about tsunami preparedness.

They will provide information on how to recognize warning signs and how to develop an evacuation plan. In the event of a tsunami, there may not be time for an official warning, so this summer, educate yourself to learn the natural warning signs and when it is appropriate to evacuate yourself.

“We are delighted to have our six Ambassadors on board to help disseminate vital information on tsunami preparedness over the summer,” said Paula Naude, Head of Emergency Management and Civil Defense of the municipal council of Tauranga.

“They will spend time through the Mt. and Papamoa areas in markets and beaches and will be easily identified by their blue t-shirts and hats.

“Please stop and discuss your preparedness level with them and try out our tsunami simulator to get a feel for ‘the real thing’.”

Make sure you have a plan and get ready at

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