Super typhoon targets Japan with deadly floods and damaging winds



The Western Pacific continues its string of monster cyclones, the latest targeting Japan.

super typhoon Nanmadol had sustained winds of around 150 mph and forecasters warned the cyclone was likely to remain strong enough until landfall to produce major impacts on many Japanese islands.

Landfall is expected to occur over the weekend, but the storm system is expected to persist over the country until at least Tuesday while producing damaging winds.


The forecast cone is similar to but much further north than Super Typhoon Hinnamnor which hit the region earlier this month.

Japan’s metrological agency has warned of high winds, high waves, high tides, landslides and flooding of low-lying areas for millions of residents.

The Joint Typhoon Warning Center said colder waters, upper level winds and land interaction will cause the system to slowly deteriorate after landfall.

The JTWC considers any tropical cyclone with winds of at least 150 mph to be a “super typhoon”.

Forecast models show that future remnants of Nanmadol will be caught in the northern jet stream and could deliver additional precipitation to Alaska by the end of the upcoming work week.

Due to the system making landfall in Asia, remnants are not expected to be as severe for the Last Frontier as what was produced by former Typhoon Merbok.

The remnants created pre-hurricane winds and seas that exceeded 50 feet along the Bering Sea.

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