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Sir: It is indeed telling that it took the intervention of former Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo as the High Representative of the African Union in the Horn of Africa to end the conflicts in the Tigray region in Ethiopia and brokering what little peace there is if history suggests, it could turn out to be a graveyard peace in the long run.

It is not for nothing that to this day, Africa is called “the dark continent”. This denotation may well harbor many tinges of racism as well, but removed from the brush and tar of prejudice, there are many man-made factors that continue to cause darkness to radiate from the heartland of Africa. .

That a continent of such enormous wealth continues to play second fiddle to the less endowed continents of the world scandalously indicts all those who have managed and continue today to manage the countries that make up Africa and have contributed to the heartbreaking suffering of his wives and children.

Africa is the second largest and the second most populous continent. It also has a large population of very young people. Given these magnificent resources, why is Africa not as developed as it should be? Why has Africa continued to lag behind in many categories used to measure human development and well-being? Conflicts are one of the most powerful factors.

Despite the Charter of the United Nations, devastating conflicts have shaken many regions of the world since 1945 with tragic consequences. When Russia invaded Ukraine in February, it was a clear reminder to the world that war remains a dangerous option, especially for warmongers posing as leaders in different countries.

In November 2020, a devastating civil war broke out in the Tigray region of Ethiopia. In just over two years of senseless conflict, all sorts of atrocities have been committed there, especially against children and women, to underscore the tragic consequences of war.

The conflict has also created the risk of famine in a region known for its food insecurity due to excessive droughts and the displacement of more than two million Ethiopians.

For Africa to truly find itself on the path to prosperity like so many other countries, violent conflicts and the factors that fuel them must be brought under control. These unnecessary conflicts that disproportionately affect women and children can have no place in any African country if Africans are ever to hope for a continent of shared progress and prosperity.

• Kene Obiezu (Twitter: @kenobiezu).

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