The controversial virtual hurricane-gym chat that sparked a Pipo Gorosito post


Gorosito and Gymnasia’s first tweets ahead of the storm’s response

It is difficult to quantify the power of social networks today and in the field of football, the official accounts of the various clubs are the direct bridge between the fan and the protagonist. It usually does not happen that the managers of these profiles come into conflict with each other and that is exactly what happened between them hurricane You gymnastics of the plata,

after the victory of lo bo At the Tomas Adolfo Duco stadium in Min, Nestor Gorosito took to Twitter to post some of the stats coming his wayThe first image they released highlights some of the games the La Plata team won during the season: vs. boca In Bombanera, against raceA defense and justice You lanusBut unwittingly did not like the side of a new and unexpected image world And a virtual conflict erupted between the fans.

“Sorry if I beat you on your pitch after 10 years. It’s Piponetta champagne”illustrative text next to an image of mat With his outstretched arms, a mischievous smile on his face, and a storm shield. quoted gymnastics article with caption “Our DT”The administrator of the Parque Patricios team account did not remain silent and quoted the meme to respond with three emoji: A “small” hand gesture, symbolizing a wolf and the zodiac Virgo, in reference to the gymnastics title (he holds a star in amateurism and the Centenary Cup). It should be remembered that Gorosito is a statue of San Lorenzo, so his dart made noise in the world.

Huracán’s overwhelming response to Gymnasia’s post

Automatically, fans from both precincts started arguing over which club was bigger. But the excitement didn’t stop there: Fans of several other Argentinian football teams joined the debate and it quickly became a topic of conversation on the social network TwitterArsenal’s accounts of Sarandi and Sacchispas popped up in the comments to enjoy the fight and added memes to laugh at the unusual situation that had happened.

of the political spheregive him the wolf He posted a peace statement on social media in an attempt to calm the waters. “To Storm fans, passionate like us, we apologize and Don’t give the ball to a community manager who doesn’t represent the feelings of a Tripero fan. I embrace all Quemeros. Go wolf! Give him the globe! “, he writes.

Gymnastics, with 21 points, He is an escort for Atlético Tucumán (25) as the Huracán lost the opportunity to dominate the board by falling with lo bo and remained stable at 17 units. The next day, those led by Nestor Gorosito will be received at El Bosque. Godoy Cruise And the Parque Patricios team will try to cut the four-day winless streak. eldosivic in Mar del Plata.

Sarandís Arsenal join the party

Sarandís Arsenal join the party

The Sacachiqs account also added sharpness to the crossover

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