The cultural change behind the Republican tsunami


Something’s going on there. He looks like a punch drunk fighter to everyone who stands up, shakes cobwebs and adorns his opponent.

Republicans in Virginia swept all state offices and toppled the House last Tuesday. The folks at CNN and MSNBC were on the verge of hysteria. They channeled child terrible climate activist Greta Thunberg shouting, ‘How dare you! “

In New Jersey, a political neophyte truck driver apparently beat the president of the state Senate. It may not be over, as Edward Durr, the Republican who spent just $ 153 on his primary campaign and $ 5,000 in total, was just 2,000 votes ahead of mainstay Stephen Sweeney. long-standing democratic machine.

Mr Sweeney did not concede at first, saying more ballots were coming. Of course they were. It’s a state where Jimmy Hoffa votes early and often no matter where he is. In the race for governor, Republican Jack Ciattarelli shocked incumbent Democratic Gov. Phil Murphy in a state where Democrats outnumber Republicans by a million registered. They were tied until the early hours of the morning when more votes arrived for Mr Murphy, who claimed a paper-thin victory.

A similar scenario appeared to be playing out in Virginia, where Republican gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin held a four-point advantage over Democrat Terry McAuliffe. Its lead diminished as late returns came from the Democratic stronghold of Fairfax County. Counting mysteriously stopped at Fairfax for technical reasons, we were told, as Mr. Youngkin’s margin dwindled.

To some it looked like the 2020 election. That’s when the count stopped in several battlefield states and Donald Trump’s wide margins vanished the next morning, buried in an avalanche. of Biden’s highly unlikely ballots. Either way, Virginia’s race ended with Mr. Youngkin clinging to a 51-49 percent victory. Considering the mess the Democrats are making, it should have been a lot more, but a win is a win.

Worse for Democrats, minority Republicans won Virginia’s other two major offices. Winsome Sears, a black woman and former Navy, will serve as lieutenant governor, and Jason Miyares, a state representative of Cuban descent, ousted Democratic attorney general Mark Herring.

Asking a Hispanic to eliminate a white man who wore a black face with the Democratic message that Republicans are all racist.

Throughout the campaign, Mr. McAuliffe played what he believed was a Trump card, tying Mr. Youngkin to the former president. Democrats ran TV commercials showing rioters on January 6 and Charlottesville interspersed with footage of Mr. Trump and Mr. Youngkin. This propaganda technique, called “bracketing”, conveys guilt by association. But it didn’t work.

Mr McAuliffe’s ads also repeated the lie that Mr Trump called white supremacist rioters “very good people.” Mr. Trump had spoken on both sides in the cultural debate over the overturning of the statues. He strongly condemned racists and neo-Nazis in the same speech. Mr Youngkin did not fall for no bait, refusing to respond in kind, sticking to a positive message of parental empowerment, replacing critical race theory in schools with the Three Rs, and cutting taxes . Some of his best ads featured Mr McAuliffe’s devastating debate commentary: “I don’t think parents should tell schools what they should be teaching.”

Other results were bad news for progressive Democrats as well. The heavily Democratic Minneapolis election move to dissolve the police department has flared up. Question 2 had been approved by Democratic Representative Ilhan Omar, nine members of city council, Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison and the ACLU, but common sense prevailed in the crime-torn city.

In Buffalo, voters openly rejected Socialist Democratic mayoral candidate India Walton and re-elected independent incumbent Byron Brown, who led a written campaign after losing the primary to Walton. On Long Island, Republicans surged into Suffolk and Nassau counties, trapping many offices. In Houston, Tory challengers toppled several left-wing school board members.

Looking at the damage, some Democrats felt that American voters were disillusioned because Congress had not governed even more drastically. In light of Virginia’s results, deaf Nancy Pelosi pledged to put even more left-wing social articles into expense bills.

Americans want the madness to stop, but Democrats are not listening. As Afghanistan fell and China slammed its sword, Democrats gleefully unveiled the first four-star transgender admiral. Ms Pelosi and President Joe Biden are pushing for $ 450,000 to be paid to illegal aliens separated from their families during border processing.

The real reason for this upheaval is that Americans are tired of watching their beloved country turn into a crime-filled version of the Weimar Republic of Drag Queen Story Hour.

There is not a single problem that has woken up voters, just a mind-boggling series of Democrat-driven disasters: runaway inflation, especially in food prices and at the gas pump; the open border disaster; Afghanistan; unconstitutional mandates of COVID-19 vaccines and masks for private companies; the LGBTQ agenda has been unleashed and the feeling that we are on a train on the run towards a socialist cliff. Additionally, during the pandemic, parents have seen firsthand how democrat-run schools sexually corrupt their children and are obsessed with race.

Loudoun County, Virginia played a key role in the political earthquake. The Democrat-led school board has suspended a Christian teacher for refusing to lie to children about their gender. They also covered up the rape in the bathroom of a 15-year-old girl by a “gender-fluid” boy in a robe, transferring him to a second school where he sexually assaulted another girl. The father of the first daughter was muzzled at a school council meeting and arrested. The Democratic district attorney went out of his way to try to jail the aggrieved father. A parental revolt ensues. These events have become national.

It’s not always about economics. Cultural issues fueled the Republican tide. Americans – even many Democrats – yearn for a return to normalcy. They want to spend a lot of time.

Participation matters. An election official in Central Virginia told me his county ran out of ballots in every constituency and needed to print more. Several people had never voted but said they had done so this time for fear of the direction the country is taking. It’s a good sign for 2022 and beyond.

• Robert Knight is a columnist for the Washington Times. Its website is

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