The Duros group “stronger together” amid the challenges posed by the pandemic and typhoon Odette


A company determined to give back to the community.

Cebu based company Duros Group held his 9e State of Duros Address, an annual report of the commitments of the various business entities of the organization, for the past year.

The event which took place on January 7 at the Divine Life Institute of Cebu in Yati, Liloan, was chaired by the president of the company, Rafaelito Barino.

Rafaelito A. Barino delivering his speech on the achievements of the Duros group in 2021, where he also underlined their fundamental value which is “faith put into action”. This is especially important with the current and recent crises – pandemic and Typhoon Odette. | Photo by: Ritchel Regina Castillo

With the pandemic and the recent Typhoon Odette that hit parts of Cebu Province, Barino’s post underscored their institution’s principle of “faith in action”, which manifests itself during these disasters.

In the midst of challenges, Duros Group has shown an unwavering determination to continue to provide quality products to its valued customers.

A setback such as COVID-19 did not prevent the company from supplying the majority of the limestone to Aboitiz Power Corporation and Global Business Power, under the leadership of San-Vic Agro-Builders. She also ventured into a huge dragon fruit growing business.

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Cebu Eco-Thermal Horizon has also supplied 40,000 linear meters of roofing and ceilings to government projects, partner industries and other infrastructure. This effort was mainly a help in the aftermath of Cebu’s most destructive typhoon in recent years.

“The Duros group looks beyond money and profits, we value relationships and service”,

– President Rafaelito Barino

San Vic Traders Inc. has also supplied large hospitals with quality masks to stop the spread of the deadly coronavirus. Establishments such as hotels and condominiums were also among San Vic Traders’ clients for its home furnishings.

On the other hand, the food subsidiary of the San Vic Food Chain group of companies has diversified into construction activities, given the strong demand in the industry. He launched initiatives in the existing efforts and projects of the Duros Group, namely Woodlands Golf Academy (a golf program for aspiring junior and adult golfers), Bay-ang Ridge Housing Units and One Tectona Building.

For its part, Duros Development Corporation (DDC) has maintained its state-of-the-art management system and safety standards with obtaining ISO 45001 2018 certification. Duros Development has also played a major role in the Cebu-connecting motorway. Cordova (CCLEX) by supplying 46,000 metric tonnes of asphalt, a significant milestone for the company. The construction company also provided products and services for the two other bridges connecting Cebu and Mactan Island.

Local business Duros Group held its annual State of Duros address today Jan. 7, led by its chairman Rafaelito Barino, at the Cebt Divine Life Institute in Yati, Liloan. Pictured are the Board of Directors (left to right) Kim M. Raza, Joselito H. Mantuhac, Edgardo H. Mantuhac, Hilario H. Mantuhac Jr., Rafaelito A. Barino (Chairman of the Board), Fe M Barino (President of Duros Group), Ritchel M. Abella, Melba M. Laspoña, Ingrid M. Bohol, Chona T. Gabijan and Rhea M. Andales. | Photo by: Ritchel Regina Castillo

In another project, DDC also spearheaded the rehabilitation of the San Miguel Corporation complex ravaged by Odette. The latter is one of the company’s long-standing clients.

Meanwhile, Duros Land Properties has launched Lataban Estate and Golfers’ Village to respond to the market clamor for more open land properties that are located away from the main metropolis. Another exciting update from the real estate developer is the launch of Duros Hotels Inc.

In commemoration of its 10 years in the field of real estate development, Duros Land has also given birth to a new quest for its existence, cemented by its new slogan, “Shaping Vibrant Cities of the Future”. The close completion of Liloan Golf is the main effort to look forward to as well.

Duros GroupThe Educational Institutions division of has successfully implemented its distance learning program among its students, in order to continue to provide quality education despite the pandemic.

The St. Raphael diagnostic and wellness center, which will open in Yati, Liloan, will also be another milestone for the group.

The Rafaelito and Fe Barino Foundation (RFB) continues its Duros Academy program by opening employment and business opportunities for individuals. In light of the recent typhoon, the RFB Foundation distributed relief supplies to families in the disaster areas of Cebu. It also immediately shipped 300,000 liters of water to 8,000 families, provided a payloader and two dump trucks for cleaning the roads, provided diesel fuel and offered free use of generators.

“These acts of love and compassion are a manifestation of our company values. The Duros group looks beyond money and profits, we value relationships and service ”, Mr. Barino underlined.

Teachers from the Divine Life Institute gave a dance presentation with the different companies under the Duros banner. | Photo by: Ritchel Regina Castillo

In addition to serving its range of clients and adoption communities, Duros Group also ensures the well-being of its valuable management team and employees. A Duros Family Fun Golf was organized last October and a reorientation of the corporate brand was organized with certain members of its staff. The company is also among those who first focused on vaccination with its Balik Buhay project, a company-wide vaccination program.

The opening of the Cebu Quincentennial Hotel and the One Tectona Hotel will be one of the highlights of 2022.

“Faith, hard work, determination and collaboration will get us through any storm. But above all, faith. We still hold on to our strong faith. We are not afraid. We greet this year and the years to come with hope and a sense of mission. Duros Padayon! “, he stressed. / rcg


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