The Great Washington ShakeOut takes place on October 20



At 10:20 a.m. on October 20, 2022, Grays Harbor and Pacific County will participate in the annual earthquake drill.

The Great Washington ShakeOut is intended to give local communities the opportunity to prepare for earthquakes and coastal tsunamis, and is held annually on the third Thursday of October.

“The main focus of ShakeOut is what to do in an earthquake. For over thirty years that advice has been to freeze where you are, drop to the ground, COVER your neck and head with your arm and, if there is a sturdy desk or table nearby, to slip under it and HOLD ON. For most of us, this is a fairly easy thing to do.

As part of the annual event, Washington Sea Grant used modeling to publish a “Tsunami-eye view” which shows the height of a tsunami as it approaches Westport.

Washington’s entire All Hazard Alert Broadcast (AHAB) siren network is scheduled to be tested around 10:20 a.m. on Oct. 20 using the whining sound of a tsunami warning, not the Westminster chimes that are used in the tests. monthly. This is the only time a year that the sound used in an actual emergency situation is tested.

The sound of wailing will be followed by this message in English and Spanish: “This is a test of the siren warning system. If you are in a low-lying coastal area, test your escape route. If it is This was a real emergency, you should follow the evacuation routes, move to higher ground inland, now. Do not delay. Do not return until instructed to do so. to your local media sources for further instructions. This was just a test.”

If this was a real emergency along the coast and you felt the ground shaking, residents would have to drop down, cover up and hold on for protection. When the shaking stops, immediately follow the nearest escape route inland or to higher ground. Don’t wait to hear a tsunami siren or receive an official tsunami warning – the jolt is your warning that a tsunami could be on its way.

As of this morning, 11,815 participants are registered to participate in ShakeOut in Grays Harbor and 3,196 in Pacific County.

This is among 1.3 million participants within the state and more than 44.1 million worldwide

Sign up at to practice and improve your level of earthquake and tsunami safety.

“Anyone, anywhere can participate! Individuals, families, businesses, schools, government agencies, and organizations are all invited to join at 10:20 a.m. on 10/20.

Learn more about tsunami risk in Washington at

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