The Miami Hurricanes will face off Saturday night on campus


Melee time.

The University of Miami, emerging from Thursday’s loud, punchy and spirited practice that former Hurricanes were invited to attend, toned it down Friday ahead of their first Saturday night scrimmage on campus.

Maybe he toned it down too much.

UM coach Mario Cristobal, highly praising Thursday’s total effort, noted Friday’s practice was partly good but “the other part wasn’t good enough.”

“We are a work in progress,” the coach told reporters on Friday. “We are moving forward, we are improving, we are progressing. But we have to do a much better job as coaches and players understanding that this process, there is no respite. It’s the foot on the accelerator. We have to finish every game from start to finish, from how we get that signal to how we line up, how we communicate, how we execute, how we finish and you can’t compromise that.

“Today, again, we passed out,” Cristobal said later in the interview. “We passed out. You can say. I’m not happy. I shouldn’t be. Because we can’t make it. This whole “how you do something, that’s how you do everything” has to be an everyday thing. That said, there is progress. And our players are to be congratulated for that. And also there’s no compromise, so they’re going to be pushed to do better.”

What weight do scrums have when it comes to saving playing time?

“A lot,” Cristobal said. “There is no script. You can’t plan it too much. You have to run the process, you have to run the call and you have to make adjustments and trust your rules. Every call, every play has an intention, has a rule. I have to understand the numbers, the levers, how to line up, where to line up, horizontal, vertical. Where is your help? Where is he not? Where are you alone.

All of these things are essential. And the only way to do that is to know what you’re doing, how to do it, exactly how we want it, and why we’re doing it that way. It’s the only way to learn football. You’ve heard us say, “Don’t do it until you get it right. Do this until you can’t go wrong anymore. That’s the only way it works…I have to say it again – a lot…”

The scrum is closed to the public.

Cristobal said there would be no coaches on the pitch. He said there will be 15-20 minutes of warm-up, then individual drills, seven-on-seven, one-on-ones with offensive lines, special teams drills, “organization time” and “then we roll. We start and play ball.”

Cristobal stressed that he wanted to see his players “perform with everyone off the pitch”.

“No crutches, no assistant coaches trying to field a guy, no cheating, right? We want to see who can block and tackle, throw and catch and run, execute, play football and start to really assess what that’s going to look like as we get closer to the season.

This story was originally published August 12, 2022 3:10 p.m.

Miami Herald sportswriter Susan Miller Degnan has been the Miami Hurricanes’ football editor since 2000, the season before the Canes won it all. She’s won several national APSE writing awards and has covered everything from Canes baseball to college football playoffs, major marathons to the Olympics.

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