The Point, July 5, 2022: Another above normal hurricane season is likely ahead for Florida


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• Florida Storms: Florida could experience its seventh consecutive season of above normal hurricanes. “NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center predicts the seventh consecutive season of above-normal Atlantic hurricanes. … NOAA will release another Outlook in early August. Historically, 90% of Atlantic activity falls after August 1 .

• News4Jax: Largest Teachers Union: Florida is short 9,000 teachers for the upcoming school year. “A report by the Florida Education Association showed that more than 9,500 teaching and support staff positions in the state of Florida are vacant. It says the shortage is so vast that more than 450,000 Florida students may have started last school year without full-time certified teachers in their classrooms.

• WFTS-Tampa Bay: “Ready for Ron” PAC is looking to recruit DeSantis to run for president in 2024. “The PAC is not directly affiliated with the campaign, but if DeSantis chooses to jump in, it could provide invaluable assistance to his efforts in terms of emails and mobile phone numbers associated with supporters and a list. potential campaign donors.”

• Associated press: ‘Join us in California’: Newsom targets the GOP in Florida. “Governor. Gavin Newsom is running for re-election in California, but his latest TV ad is airing in Florida. The 30-second spot set to air on Fox News starting Monday shoots Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and his politics , while contrasting with California.

• USA Today Network ($): DeSantis promises more “pro-life protections”. What will he do next on the abortion? “With 75,000 abortions performed in Florida in 2020, how DeSantis handles the issue could impact tens of thousands of Floridians and his own political future.”

• Policy : WH takes aim at DeSantis — even as Florida pulls away from Dems. “There has been a creeping feeling among Democrats at the state level that national groups, including the White House and the Democratic Governors Association, are undoing a state where Republicans won big victories and recently overtook the Democrats’ voter registration advantage for the first time in modern Florida. political history”.

• WUSF-Tampa: Environmental groups are planning to sue the army corps for approving the construction of offshore fish farms. “The organizations say the federal agency failed to consider the impacts deep sea aquaculture would have on threatened and endangered species.”

• Florida Policy: Florida May’s earnings hit $742 million above estimates. “In total, the state received $4.27 billion in May, reflecting economic activity in April, well above the $3.5 billion estimate. This is the fourth month consecutive that revenue exceeds the estimate by at least $475 million.

• Saint-Augustin record ($): St. Augustine proposes to add mobility zoning with taller and denser projects, a commuter train. “New development laws being considered in St. Augustine could come with a commuter rail connection to Jacksonville and open the door to one of the city’s tallest developments.”

• Florida Information Service: The owner of the West Palm Beach retirement home will pay $1.75 million for a vaccine investigation. “The owner of a West Palm Beach retirement home will pay $1.75 million to settle allegations that he improperly diverted doses of the COVID-19 vaccine to his board members and associates. donors. The settlement stems from a federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention program, known as the Long-Term Care Pharmaceutical Partnership Program, which was designed to vaccinate residents and staff of nursing homes. nursing when vaccines first became available in late 2020.

• WLRN-Miami: Once the alternative, home schooling could become mainstream. “According to a WLRN analysis of school district data, nearly 8,000 more students are home-schooled in South Florida now than before the COVID-19 pandemic. The change, which is also being reflected nationwide, means more flexibility for some families, but fewer students and resources for traditional public schools.

• National: Highland Park Police arrest man for 4th of July parade shooting

• National: Supreme Court Marshal calls on state officials to act on protests at justices’ homes

• Company: It’s been a rough summer for air travelers so far

• Policy: Biden calls for unity in his July 4 speech, while acknowledging the country’s bad mood

• Health: ‘My body, my choice’: How vaccine haters co-opted the abortion rallying cry

• Right: Akron police shooting renews questions about officer training

• Race: The Black Marines were ‘relentless’ on this base in the 1940s. Now they are honored there

• National: Examination of the slow return of commuters to public transport

• National: In some places, swarms of drones have replaced the 4th of July fireworks

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