This is not a prediction, says BMKG chief, there is a possibility of a 10 meter earthquake and tsunami in Silacap


Based on the results of studies by experts and seismologists, the possibility of an earthquake in Silacap was predicted by the head of the BMKG, Professor Er. Dwikorita Karnavati, M.Sc. DOCTORATE

Based on the results of the worst-case tsunami modeling, an earthquake of magnitude 8.7 in the megacharsion region is expected to cause a collision of this plate.

Possibility of a tsunami with a height of more than 10 meters along the coast of Silacap following the earthquake.

Dwikorita Karnavati said the earthquake and tsunami were likely the result of modeling a worst-case tsunami.

This explanation was given by Dwikorita during the opening of the Earthquake Field School (SLG) organized by the geophysical station BMKG Banjarnegara in Silacap on Wednesday (27/7/2022).

According to him, Silacap, which is on the southern coast of Java, faces a plate collision zone between the Indian Ocean plate and the Eurasian plate.

In this activity, Dikorita reminded the public about the danger of earthquakes and tsunamis in the south of the island of Java.

Therefore, he asked the local government and the community to continue their preparations to anticipate the worst-case scenario.

Dikorita said the worst-case scenario was not a prediction, but the result of a study by experts and seismologists.

However, one cannot know when it will happen, he said, because there is so far no technology that can predict when an earthquake will occur.

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